Is there a jazz equivalent to 'Archive Music'?

The online vendor has an absolutely fantastic selection of classical cds. I'm wondering if there is a company that offers the same kind of selection for jazz? Amazon is pretty good, but I prefer to give my money to specialty businesses when I can.
You can't go wrong in my book with ECM, but they're not the kind of specialty business I think you're looking for. You can buy their albums directly from them on their website, if you care to support them directly. Beyond that, a quick Google search will turn up a few jazz record dealers online.
You mention cd's....I found Arkiv music for Classical cd's and Classical Archives for downloads...are you looking for Jazz cd's or specifically Jazz downloads.You will not find a Jazz site like Classical Archives (downloads) for Jazz,but there are some sites that may be a little off the beaten path for Jazz...What are your interests? The more specific you are, the more focused my recommendations can be for locating cd's.