Is there a HT pre-amp/processor w/o Video switiching??

Does anyone know if there is a high quality A/V multi-channel pre/processor, with state-of-the-art digital conversion, digital crossovers for subwoofers + eq., and upgradability, that does not have video switching capability? I have no need for video switching, have no need to run a video source through the processor, just the audio. System is 90% used for listening to music - only 10% for video/DVD's.
Check out the Bryston SP-1. No video switching, and it has a high quality analog pass-through (same circuitry as their CP-25 preamp, I believe).
Bryston SP-1
I choose the bryston SP1 for similar reasons. check out there website or call them for more specific details. 1-800-632-8217
i THINK that the Musical Fidelity processor doesn't have any video switching if i can remember correctly. Sean
Meridian 568.
I think the cal audio processor lacks video
I own a Bryston SP-1, and think it is a terrific unit. I wanted a pre/pro with a really first-class analog pass thru to use with my LP collection, and I have been very pleased with the SP-1. As noted above, the SP-1 uses the same preamp circuit found in their BP-25 preamp. I highly recommend the SP-1, which is built in a modular fashion so it can be upgraded if/when video standards change -- and, of course, it carries a 20-year transferrable warranty.

If I remember correctly, the B&K Reference 30 also has a pass-thru analog circuit -- but check the B&K web site to be sure.
Video switching is an extra on the Theta Casa Nova or Casa Blanca I and II I have the Casanova and like it a lot.
The Signature model from EAD (Enlightened Audio Design) fits your needs.
classe ssp-25 has no video switching.
EAD Signature is the one. It has all functions you asking for plus digital flywheel for jitter reduction. Later on if you decided to have video switching, you can still buy "EAD SwitchMaster" to do the job.