is there a great used tube for 1000??

I just completed my 1st system, tube pre, ss amp,newform speakers. I would like to have a tube amp to switch to as i like to switch things around a lot and just for fun. I've already spent more than i should but is there a great tube amp{used} that can be had for around $1000???
Try the conrad johnson mv 55. Could probably get for around that price.
I second the Quicksilver recommendation.
there's a Music Reference Rm-10 and an RM-9 avaialable on this site for $650 and $900, respectively. The RM-9 is a former stereophile class b and the little RM-10, which I have is outrageous with 89db or higher speakers.
A used Quicksilver or Rogue would be really hard to top at this price point. The Rogue is more neutral sounding, the Quicksilver more "classic tube". If you prefer an even more "classic tube", rich, warm(some would argue overly so) sound, the CJ MV-55 is also something to think about. Be sure that the EL34 powered CJ will be able to drive your speakers to your satisfaction, however. It is not a very powerful amplifier.
Which quicksilver model?
Kitch is right. The Music Reference is a classic tube amp. The RM-9 replaced a pair of Quicksilver monos about 6 years ago and I forgot which models.
I was referring to a used pair of Quicksilver mono amps. Either the 60 watt version with KT88's or even the 90 watt version, although the 90 watt (Silver Edition) usually sells for a little more for than $1000. You should be able to get a used pair of the 60 watters for around $1000. Quicksilver also made a 40 watt stereo amp which should probably sell used for around $1000 or less, however this may not be enough power for you.
Jolida JD-1000A (100W/ch)

Bought it for my father to get him into tubes and it didn't make it past the interior decorator (mom). I was getting ready to start a second system using the Cary SLI-80, so I traded it in to Kevin Deal (one of the most outstanding guys in tubesville, if not the most).

It came equipped with all Chinese tubes and I was gonna have none of that, even for dad. So I bought matched quads of Svetlana EL34's, a matched pair of Mullard 12AU7/M8136's and some Ei 12AX7's I had laying around.

When he never got to take it home with him, I played with it a while (burned in the tubes and amp). I ran it with ML CLS II's and also a pair of VR 4's. I was astounded that it had enough power to drive the CLS II's, more so than a Mesa Baron I had around at the time as well. With the VR's, well..... let's just say it was capable of making your ears bleed if that's what turns you on.

Check with Kevin, I believe he just got it up on his site in the used section. Although this amp only has less than 500 hours on it.

Try and find another amp with this much power and finess for under a thousand bucks. Better make that an amp with 100W/ch and a preamp to match it with, since it's an integrated. A great looking one to boot!!
Quicksilver has the Mini Mites going for just under a grand brand spanking new. There is one for sale in the classifieds, asking price $700. I think they're 25 watts/channel with EL34s but you can also use KT88s with them.
Check out

Good Luck!