Is there a good indoor FM antenna?

What is your experience with an indoor FM antenna.  I am in a rental situation and cannot mount an outdoor antenna.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiend. 

@jusam if you get a MD ST-2 trying putting it on a roof line of your house (hanging vertically). If you are in a building, on the balcony. Putting my ST-2 on the roof line made a huge difference. I have great reception now.

I also have an excellent indoor wire type of antenna. I searched on A’gon just now to try and remember the name of this product so I can get a second one. I will add a new post if I figure it out.
I live in a single family home with an attic. Some yrs back I put an antenna in the attic. I hung it (antenna mast)  from the ridge beam/pole. IOW upside down. Worked well. Still does
I have the Magnum Dynalab ST2 antenna in the front corner of my living room on the side of the front door.  It has been in that location for 20 years and my wife only noticed it a couple of years ago when vacuuming near it.  It is very unobtrusive. I pull in over 20 stations. 
whats the best antenna for the Tivioli Model One Radio ?  we live in suburban DC. The Model One FM reception is poor. it only gets local stations and isnt good separating them out.