Is there a good, affordable, phono cable option?

I have an Audioquest PT-9 tonearm on the way to me for my Linn LP12 and need an RCA to 5 pin DIN or JIS cable for it. The cheapest option I have been able to locate is the Audioquest Wildcat cable for $90.00.
I know that this is considered by some folks to be a super critical cable but I'm balking at that price. Blue Jeans Cable says they could make one up for around thirty dollars if they knew the wiring of the DIN plug of my particular arm, but since they don't they can't. If I could locate a "stock" cable that would fit I think that would be fine, but none appear to be available on Audiogon. So, would it be ppossible to make my own up and what would be involved? I know there are several DIY speaker wire solutions and I did find a reference to making a phono cable out of a computer mouse cable, but no details. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Try Signal Cable.
While not cheap this one would save you about thirty dollars.

I also own a AQ PT-9 Arm.

I don't believe the wiring scheme on the DIN (JIN) connector is unusual in any way, that many company's phono cables will work, from an AQ to a Graham, to a PAD Venustas, etc.

I believe what you say is correct, that this Cable will be one of, if not the very most important cable in the entire chain.

The AQ Cables will generally be a safe bet, and if anything ever happens with the cable, or you do not like the cable for whatever reason, all AQ dealers will gladly refund your money, or let you enchange. AQ themselves will stand behing all their products as well, in case a repair is ever needed.

Shielding is critical, to stave off RFI. I use an older AQ Emerald Cable, which I think is a quite good Cable for the money I spent.

Other options would be the Cable Company, that you could try out a number of different Cables. Although I currently do not see him listing any items here on agon, "audiodragon" is a seller here who deals with all of the Jelco products, which the AQ Arm is. His prices are very reasonable. He sells Jelco Tonearm cables as well. You can probably contact him through the agon site with a simple search.

Hope this helps. Mark

For an LP12, you are better off buying the correct Linn Cable because the clamp is designed to hold the cable properly for the best "bounce." You can usually find a proper LP12 tonearm cable on ebay for less than $75 and it's going to save you a lot of hassle during setup.
Thanks to all. Based on the answers I received above I went on Ebay and ordered a Jelco cable with a right angle DIN connector for around $55.00 delivered from a vendor in England. I am also keeping an eye out in the Audiogon classifieds for a used, higher rated cable that I can compare the econo Jelco to. I'm just not sure I'll hear a difference, but remain curious.