Is there a good 5 disc CD player out there ???

I'm looking for a good quality 5 disc CD player. Something I could find on A-gon for between $4K-$5K. Any suggestions?
California Audio Labs made the CL-10, which was a well-regarded CD changer.

Honestly, though, for $4-5K I would buy a really nice DAC and hook it up to an inexpensive CD changer or a music server of some sort. That would provide much more flexibility.

The DAC/cheaper 5 disc IS the only way to go... other than using a Server...
I currently have three working five disc machines (A Sony 333ES, a 9ES, and a GoodWill $14.95 Yamaha), and have discarded three machines because I wore them out. They played near 60,000 hours each (average) before croaking.
No one is making a top line changer anymore. (and for good reason.. multidisc is really turning into server.. and the makers follow the trends. no one is gonna make a player that won't sell enough copies to make a profit)
Plenty of Japanese five or six disc changers out there used. And NOT any new models on the horizon. Even a used five disc DVD can serve for a source for a DAC.
One thing to note: a LOT of changers have only a Toslink out. Make certain IF you buy a DAC that it has more than one Toslink input. (that is my only gripe about my Adcom DA700 is only ONE Toslink in..)
Also, changers, any five disc CD changer used , is not worth more than $100. bucks... When you see one you want, if it is more than $100. skip it.. you'll find another, same model for $100. or less.... GoodWill is a GREAT source for used five disc changers.. $15 to $25 max..
(several usable machines advertised here but ALL overpriced.. Damn, MANY of them are TWENTY years old.... twenty years 365 days x twenty years four hour day use equals 29,200 hours... used, would YOU pay much for that?, of course, like phono cartridges, they never actually ever used them.???..)
Man, mine run at LEAST 18 hours a day, often two at a time... unless I am listening to vinyl..
the 5 disc Sony ES from about 5- 6 yrs back sounded very good.
Thanks Elizabeth, I currently have a 5 disc SONY and I'm very unhappy with the sound quality. I probably don't need to spend $4 or $5k on a 5 disc, but I'm hoping to get some ideas.
Thanks again for your input !!!
If you have a cheap Sony, then you could get a better one. I despise the Sony multi (200, 400 disc, even the ES models) players as they sound absolutely horrible even through a DAC. The really cheap ($200, $300 when new five disc Sony) also suck. Look for a Yamaha, or a better Sony, the ES series five disc only..
The Adcom DAC is good. I tried a Bryston and it was no better than my Adcom DA700 which can be had used for $200.
If you want to build for the future... start thinking about a server from your computer. it is a messy knowledge driven form, but worth the effort, and it IS the future of digital audio.(i still am stuck in my changers.. but the future is clear.)
I had a Yamaha CD-765 or something like that back in 99 that was very good for the money. Rated very high but I would Elizabeths advice.
The CAL CL-10 is a very good sounding player, and they go used for under $400. Rotel makes a couple of good changers also, the RCC 945 and 1055. The 945 has a stacking configuration and holds 6 discs. Very reliable player and can usually be found for around $200. That would leave lots of extra dough for a dac based on your budget.
It sounds like there are not any Wadia quality type changers out there ? I'll have to do some research on the CAL CL-10. Anything by OPPO ? Thanks for all the response...keep it coming !
Also, take a look at the Marantz CC4003 and Denon DCM-390. These are still in production and the Marantz model is new.
You aren't going to find a changer for $4-5k. No changer ever made is worth that amount. Check out the Don Allen Marantz modded 5 disc changer. There's one on sale in the classifieds. Also, be so kind as to report back and let us know how it sounds if you make the purchase. I don't know the seller.
If you're thinking about a typical ("low end") 5-disc player feeding a DAC, bear in mind that the transport has an ENORMOUS influence on the sound, and you will not get the full potential out of a good DAC. I've used 5 or 6 different players/transports as transports with a Muse and then Reimyo DAC and speak from experience.
I'll sell you my sony 595 for $5K !!!!!!!!!!!
The Sony-C555ES is the best I've heard and can be had for less than $500 used ($2000.00 new?). I think it was discontinued in 05?? I don't know of any Co. making high end multi disc players. The Sony was rated class "A" by Stereophile when it came out in the early part of this century.I never tried using it as a transport...but it sounded pretty good on it's own for Christmas and party music and times you want to put 5 discs in random mode and work around the house.
True, this was a rarely rated Class "A" SACD 5 Disc

Changer,(Stereophile) which in itself, should imply it's abilities.

I use the Sony -C555ES SACD 5 Disc changer, with my

Benchmark Dac-1, with fabulous results.

As the secondary player now,The previous Sony XA-7ES is now replaced by the Marantz SA-11S2

with the Level 2 Underwood Mods.

The Sony-C555ES is one of several ES changers I have owned.

But until the 555ES, the others skipped, after while,

so far, this one is pretty darn dependable.

The Sound is Phenomenal for the price, they go for now.

SACD is Awesome, and with the Benchmark, even RedBook CD's

now, are "musical" finally.

For a "changer", this is the ONLY one, I can say,

delivers genuine "Hi-Fi" Sound!

IMHO, a Bargain Today, if you see one, in good

condition, Grab It!

I have seen them for as low as $100.

Great for playing several discs, while being a "host",

so you don't have to keep changing, when company is over.

The 555ES can make "Music" in SACD or RedBook with the

Benchmark Dac-1,And I am hard to please!

Love Your Music!

I Sure Am!
There are some very good modded 5 disc CD players out there. I own two. A Sony-C555ES SACD with the SACDMODS Statement mod, and a Sony SCD-CE775 SACD player that was modded by Larry Moore. Now both of these players sound alot better than there stock versions IMHO. I tried to sell the Larry Moore player here and no takers. I was asking more than the $100.00 dollar going rate that has been stated in this post. All I can say is "Thank God for unanswered prayers". I would not been able to find anything near it's sound quality plus the conveious of a 5 disc player with SACD for what I was asking for it. I for one don't think a 5 disc player is going the way of the Dodo bird.
The Rotel RCC-1055 is a very good changer - brother to the siingle player RCD-1072 - a very highly regarded CDP.
A 5 disc cd player is just a convience item for back gound music
For 4-5k you could get into a computer-based system with a very nice DAC (I like my PSA Perfect Wave). I expect you could make it sound quite good, and you'd have *more* of the convenience which is presumably a central attraction of a changer. John
Thank you to all who responded. My wife will be happy to know I'll only need to spend a few hundred dollars on a replacement CD changer.
I will be putting a system together where, right now, a changer is a must have. It will be comprised of the Creek Classic 5350 SE, powering Epos 12i or Dynaudio Focus 110 or Nola Boxers, with the Marantz CC 4003 changer. I know the changer is the weak link in the chain. Spoke with Marantz and several dealers that carry it, and they didn't think it would embarrass itself. Might consider adding the Cambridge DacMagic. I'll keep you posted.
bear in mind that the transport has an ENORMOUS influence on the sound, and you will not get the full potential out of a good DAC.

I have to disagree with this. Charles Altmann insists that his DAC with JISCO circuitry can be used with any cheap transport connected by toslink and will sound as good as an expensive transport. I didn't believe this until I actually bought one of these DAC's and after hooking it up to my very crappy Samsung DVD player discovered that it bested my Naim CDS-3 by a sizable margin. Hearing is believing.
What is the model or name and price of the Charls Altmann DAC. Thanks
10.000disk cd player, build a music server.
Sorry, just saw your question. It's called the Attraction. You can get more information at Charles Altmann's website:

Be prepared. This is an extremely unconventional design. Requires a car battery to power. It's nothing more that a circuit board mounted on a rectangular piece of spruce wood.
What about the McIntosh changers? See a lot of them here for sale. never have heard one, just going from the brand name
I have a Denon DCD 290 and I think is a pretty decent piece of equipment. I have it hooked up to a Valab DAC. This whole set up cost me around $300, the Denon was $99, and the sound is relaxed, focused and with incredible tone. My Denon changer replaced a modified Toshiba sd 3960 ( remember the Vinnie mods ?).