Is there a fined Solid state Pre Amp for under 8k?

This year I sold a Ayre K5xe preamp and a Parasound JC-2 each had their own the strengths and weaknesses but neither was quite a keeper. The JC2 was too lean sounding but very open, the Ayre was more balanced tonally but lacked the openness. If I could blend the best characteristics of these two preamps together, I would be very happy. Anyone out there have another solid state recommendation? Any help would be appreciated
Two to consider in your price range:

The new Classe preamp, ~$8K. Unsure of the model number, but it includes a DAC, DSP options and many other features. Sounded wonderful with a hefty Classe amp and B&W 805D speakers at a dealer recently.

McIntosh C50 is, I think, in your price range. Also includes a phono stage. I haven't heard this one, but based on other current production McIntosh preamps I have heard (and the C220 I own), I think you might like it.
I'm currently using a Coda CP preamp. I replaced an ARC REF 3 with it. It does everything the REF did and more. I believe it sells for $5000.00 new it includes a very nice phono stage as well. I actually liked it better than the Pass XP 20 I was auditioning at the time. Call Coda direct and speak with Doug Dale and tell him Steve in St. Louis sent u.
I would just buy a Klyne 7LX 5.0 P if I had that kind of scratch to play with. ;)
I have been very happy with the Audiopax Model 5 - certainly worth an audition.
I imagine there are many. Consider the Ayre K1xe.
I use an Audia Flight; list is $7000 and often available for considerably less. There is a long review on one of the on- line mags; Dagogo I think. I really like it. It has a Class A output stage and both balanced and RCA outputs and is quite attractive in my opinion; Italians are good at designing metal objects.
I would certainly consider a Pass XP-20. It is quiet, well balanced, open and not lean sounding, in my system with Pass amps. It costs about $8K.
I thought Klyne was gone, their web site was not working for months. They used to sound very nice
I am more of a tube person, but, I do own two solid state linestages/preamps--a Placette Active and a Levinson No. 32 (preamp). In terms of sound, I actually like the cheaper Placette Active more than the Levinson (a tad too polite sounding, not dynamic or vivid), though the Levinson is fantastically controllable and flexible.

I am also a fan of Ayre for solid state amplification.
I dunno about 8K, but Dartzeel makes a mighty fine solid state amp.
Klyne is not gone as far as I know. Their website has been lame for many years. Their preamps are far from lame though. Have you tried contacting them?

Klyne Audio Arts, Ltd.
Voice: 360.273.8477
FAX: 360.273.6991

You could also try contacting Mehran of Sorasound, he's great to work with and he carries Klyne.
773.706.9705 ::
All depends on the speakers and amp. First speakers, then amp, then preamp. Goes without saying you need a good source with everything.

The more I listen to things the more I am convinced that having speakers that you love first then matching the amp to them is the most important thing in hifi. I watch people changing gear like they change their socks and inevitably it comes back to speakers. Find one you love and go from there.

PS. I think having the same manufacture for both preamp and power amp makes musical sense in many instances also.