Is there a difference in 7.1.4 processing

I am building a home theater area in my basement and decided on 7.1.4 (or 7.2.4). I am starting to develop a short list for a receiver and am looking at the Yamaha RX-A3070 but in their manual they only show 7.2.4 support using the front presence speakers instead of top speakers...I have wired for four top speakers. So my question is, with the processing of the Atmos signals be different for front and rear presence speakers vs top front and rear speakers? I'm wondering if I should scratch Yamaha off my short list.
My understanding is that atmos is a different animal than presence. If anyone understands differently, please correct me.

FWIW, I recently bought a Denon 4300, in anticipation of running Atmos (although I haven't installed the ceiling speakers yet. So far, though, I like it a lot.
I don't have the same Yamaha, but my Yamaha (an RX-V781) allows you to configure the presence speakers as in-ceiling or front height-mounted. Mine are in-ceiling speakers, and sound pretty good with the atmos height channels.
The acurus Act 4 foes 7.1.6 and soon will be doing 9.1.4