Is there a differenc between McCormack DNA125&225

What's the difference between a McCormack DNA-125 & a DNA-225? Thay will be driving Totem hawks. I am going to try the DNA-125 this week. Thanks
The 225 has more power and is more expensive.

OK now that the smart a$! comments are out of the way, I feel they sound almost identical. Except for a little more low end from the 225, obviously from the extra power. You will just need to determine if you need the extra power of the 225
Hi Ben954 -

As you may know, the DNA-125 and 225 are based on the same circuit topology with the 225 delivering more power into a given load. Specifically, the differences in the 225 are 1) double the number of output devices (8 per channel instead of 4), 2) a much larger power transformer with over double the current delivery, 3) better power supply regulation, 4) improved parts complement, including Cardas connectors, Van den Hul output wire, and Vishay and Caddock resistors in critical circuit points. The DNA-225 delivers more power, greater transparency, and better resolution of low-level detail. However, as Eldarado points out, the DNA-125 and 225 share a strong family resemblance. The DNA-125 should do a fine job with your Totem Hawks, and I hope you enjoy it.

Best regards,

Steve McCormack
Modesty prevents Steve from saying this, but you should know that his modifications to a DNA 125 or 225 are HUGE improvements over the stock models. This observation will, I feel certain, be confirmed by others who have been the beneficiaries of the magic he works on these units with his mods. They are very cost effective ways of making major advances in sound quality, and I encaourage you to look into them (see Steve's website at
Now that's an answer!
The difference is 100
Thanks. I hope I will get the DNA-125 win my daeler Scott gets back from CES .