Is there a cost effective 'quality' USB and Network cable?

Just as there are offerings for cost effective quality cables for IC, PC, and speaker cables... are there any cable companies out there that offer solid performing data cables  - USB and Cat cables for a modest price?

Who is the 'Mogami' of Cat and USB cables?

Not looking to spend 200-1000 on data cables so I am looking for alternatives to spending an insane amount on data cables.

However - if one could explain what I am getting at the 200+ price point... vs the <200 I am all ears.
For network cables, I'd suggest that bluejean cables certainly deserves to be in the conversation. Many at computeraudiophile recommended them to me, and I've been happy with their ethernet cables. Cheers,
Blue Jeans for the ethernet cable and Oyaide for the USB.

Other sensible priced USB cables are from Supra, Straightwire, Audio Sensibility and even Wireworld up to Starlight.
I'll 2nd jackd's Oyaide neo d+ Class A nomination. 

What I heard when switching to the Oyaide from entry level USBs by Audioquest (Pearl) and Pangea AG (all silver) was simply "more".

Note too great deals right now on the Shunyata Venom USB at Music Direct and The Cable Co.

The DH Labs Mirage USB is something else to consider.

Can't help on ethernet cable options.

I have had exp with BJC, but didn't know how well regarded they were in the inner circles of audiophilia in audiogon.  Although I have never used their network cables.

Will be trialing them shortly.


Not too many BJC comments here, but computeraudiophile is full of them. cheers,

Thanks.  Sadly I can't afford $1000 network cables :)
There's a 1 meter Oyaide neo D+ Class A USB on US Audio Mart for $30 bucks right now.  
I bought 25ft Blue Jean ethernet cable for $35, perhaps you are mistaken. 
After reading suggestions here and in Ozzy's recent USB cable topic I got Oyaide neo D+ Class A USB cables today. A clearly better sounding cable than a standard computer USB cable. A good value. 
I've read good things on Ozzy's topic about Acoustic BBQ cables made by a gentleman here on Audiogon ~$150.00.  And Curious Cables from Austraila ~$350.00. Curious offers a no questions asked return policy speaks well of their product IMO. 

Sorry for the confusing post re: BJC

i know BJC is not premium priced. - I just meant - that I can't afford the ultra class priced cables - 

Didn't mean to suggest I thought BJC was priced in this category. You are correct -- bjc -- they are all value priced :)

Thanks for the input.