Is there a Blu-Ray player that does SACD and has Audiophile quality sound?

Yes, I think an Oppo 105 or 105D would match that description.

Yes the 105 and the Cambridge Audio 751BD and 752BD.

Oppo 105D, the biggest bargain in audio! The Oppo 103D is a good choice as well, at about half the price.
In short: what is your primary intended  use? Audio or multi-channel bluray et al?

In detail: One size does not fit all.

The OPPO and the CAMBRIDGE share many of the same build components. (Google the commentary)  i had the CAMBRIDGE and my buddy still has the OPPO.... I sold the CAMBRIDGE and moved up to the ARCAM FMJ. The ARCAM bested the CAMBRIDGE but the rest of the comments flowing still stand.

We both use the CAMBRIDGE/ ARCAM/ OPPO for multi-channel movies and the like. In  either case we also have high-end standalone cdps for serious 2-channe audio performance.

As good as the multichannel players can be in their specified element , they do not measure up to our audiophile grade 2-channel spinners... The differences are not subtle, full stop. Not even close.

Budgets matter BIG-TIME of course, but there is no escaping the not-subtle compromises that a multi-channel unit a la CAMBRIDGE or OPPO invoke in a bake-off against audiophile-grade high-end 2-channel gear. The multi-channel kit just don't have the same components and build quality and resulting superior audio performance in 2- channel.

Those inescapable compromises may dictate which way you lean .... Multi-channel vs 2-channel as your primary arena to play in.

Why no Sony spinners?  Sony is the supplier of the chips to most of the brands mentioned in this thread.  Yes, there are only two makers of everything in the world, all the rest just repackage, often at higher prices.
We need more "modders" of these players, IMO.
Back in the 2000's there were several mod operations.
Sadly, almost all of them have closed shop.

Recall the title of this thread.  Which of the high-end spinners is a Blu-ray player?  I use an Ayre C-5xeMP for stereo, but it can't play Blu-ray discs; I use an Oppo 105D for that.
Thanks to all for your responses.  The pursuit of great 2 channel sound is not all lost on today's videophile players, but close. 

I find my MVP881BR does a terrific job.  Musical, natural, built like a tank.  The DVD up sampling is excellent, too.  Since they were recently discontinued, they are dropping quite a bit in price.  A far better deck than Oppo, IMO.

As always, there are compromises with anything.  You pays your monies and takes your chances.  Good luck & happy listening!
I would like to add Pioneer BDP-88FD to the list. While you can't beat best value offerings from Oppo and Cambridge Audio, Pioneer produced great sounding and well built reference players over the years.  

whatjd, if I may suggest, you might as well wait a while for upcoming offerings from Oppo or Cambridge that will also play 4K UHD's along with regular blu rays. 

Good luck!

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Recall the title of this thread. Which of the high-end spinners is a Blu-ray player? I use an Ayre C-5xeMP for stereo, but it can't play Blu-ray discs; I use an Oppo 105D for that...."

I agree totally with you ..... No quarrel here that any the suggested 2-channel high-end units  is a Blu-Ray multi-channel player .

I also totally agree that the OPPO, CAMBRIDGE and ARCAM sit in the top-tier strata of the usual HT multi-channel players. 

Thus like reasons,  that is why we can have discreet stand-alone units .... One for HT/multi-channel and another separate unit for critical 2-channel to max out audio performance in their RESPECTIVE arenas. 

The second  part of the OP original post is asking whether any these multi-channel Bluray units actually offer "audiophile grade sound".
IMO that depends on how one defines "audiophile grade sound" .

The OPPO/CAMBRIDGE/ARCAM FMJ brand offerings are arguably best of breed common choices in the usual HT audio and video reproduction arena that are filled with many contenders and pretenders ..

 I just don't see any of them as "audiophile grade" audio performers. For me, that comparative yardstick rests with the best-available audio performance available arena .... IMO ... 2-channel. A multi-channel Bluray spinner ( just pick any of 'em) audio performance capabilities --whether in multi-channel or two-channel mode-- simply fails to match the audio performance capabilities available in quality build two-channel audio gear. 

Ergo, the best solution option for many of us in lockstep is the introduction of two different discrete kits  for the different arenas .., a best of breed in multichannel that is entirely separate from best of breed in 2 -channel.

Sort of discrete:  The Ayre C-5xeMP goes through an analog Parasound JC 2 BP to a pair of JC 1 amps; the Oppo 105D goes through a Bryston SP3 via HDMI, but the front LR from the SP3 is passed through the JC 2 BP to access the JC 1 amps.
Just a reminder...the poster asked for a player that does SACD, Blu-Ray and offers "audiophile quality sound." The Oppo does that (as does the Cambridge). While "audiophile quality sound" is subjective, adding multi-channel or 4K questions to this thread may only confuse the poster. Just buy the Oppo! If you are looking for reference quality, SOTA sound-then start another thread.
The Oppos are a little sterile sounding IMO.

Sony invented Both SACD and Blu-Ray, and their top Blu-Ray players give "audiophile quality sound" IMO.

Only the top current Sony Blu-Ray player plays SACDs, and is their last SACD player.

Sony no longer makes SACD/CD players. The last one (the 5400)  is a classic and one of the best IMO.


What is the model(s) of the top Sony units?

Thanks, Jim
The Sony Blu-Ray players don't play DVD-Audio (not much of a loss). I know their early flagship Blu-Ray (S-1) players didn't even play CDs. If it's true that their current top of the line Blu-Ray player "is their last SACD player", it doesn't sound like Sony has much commitment to the format. I have a Sony SCD-777Es and I like Sony but having owned the Oppo 105D for about a year, I don't think you will find any brand that will offer the value of the Oppo. If you buy it, I guarantee you will never return it! 
Thanks Tony.  I am happy that AudiogoN still has such great members.  Jim
And if you need a modder for an Oppo, try Jenalabs

The Sony BDP-S790 Blu-ray Player  is a capable player with SACD capabilities.
Yes there is, the one and only- Marantz UD-9004 with Tube Research Labs (RIP Paul Weitzel) power supply mods.  Believe this was an $6k player in the day- massive unit, superb built quality, sonics and video.  I run mine to a 14' Stewart screen with Runco 3-chip DLP VX-22i projector, with pcX modded BAT VK-150 SE monoblocks- superb 1080p video and audio, perhaps just shy of the best SACD players, but close enough- a spectacular player, if you can find one...
I have done the same search a couple years ago, and i finally settled for a $250 yamaha bd s677.  Pleasntly surprised how smooth and musical it is straight into the integrated with its analog out (canare lv61s).  Sound quality goes way beyond my msb link iii dac.  Especially awsome with dsd formats and 96/24 on disk or thumb drive.  For the money, HIGHLY recommended!
I have MSB Universal Media Transport V and MSB DAC.  Plays Cd SACD Blu Ray amongst other formats.  Excellent kit.  And MSB uses Oppo In the Transport.  Point being check out Oppo
as everyone says the OppO 105   great player, excellent price, well build    I would also suggest it with the ModWright truth modification just heard one and wow
Cambridge 752BD for me does at least as good as my old (2005) Arcam CD70 player, differences in sound but in the final equal or maybe better.
I would say Oppo-95. Can play SACD *iso file. 105 delete this.
A Modwright Oppo 105D will do everything you are looking for, especially for 2 channel audio, you will be very impressed.
The oppo 105d doesnt have a lush colored sound no...even without mod's this thing is kicken my old expensive player to the curb and portrays thing's very honestly...

This new Sony player seems to tick almost all the boxes......
According to the website, the new Sony player isn't available yet.
Will be available in March this year.
For high-end considerations, I'd say the 103/105 Oppo's don't really make the audiophile grade...a bit colorless, not particularly organic sounding and not all that much resolution or clarity. But, modified by a respectable firm, however - that can be a very different ballgame. I've had a 103 by EVS for a few years and the difference before and after the mod was plain as day...a different animal, I'd say. I'm never parting with it, even though an EVS 105D would be even better...and worth IMO the $2k+ price if you can afford it, I'm sure, but the modded 103 is all I will ever need. There are also other companies who've been singled out for providing worthwhile Oppo mods.

Good luck!
Thanks to all for the input.  Jim 
I often find myself in the pleasant company of Marantz players. Even some of the modestly priced Marantz spinners do very well for me while favoring detail with a touch of warmth.  
HDMI from my Oppo 105 goes to a Bryston SP3, because I think the analog section of the SP3 is superior to that of the 105.  Would modding the 105 have any value in this case, or are the mods entirely aimed at the analog section of the disc player?

I believe the modwright mods are aimed primarily at the analog section of the 105 so in essence if you were going to use the SP3 anyway, it would be a waste to mod the 105. What you would have to see is whether you preferred the analog section of the SP3 to the modded 105 and choose between the two.
Own a Cambridge BD-752 and had brief experience with Oppo 105, while they are good at what they are, they arn't "audiophile sound quality."

I have 5 other players that better them, 3 of by a huge amount.
Can you let me know what those 3 players are?  Thanks
The 3 players are Redbook CD players. Realised you are after SACD. Was using an example that you can easily better the Cambridge and Oppo on Redbook so should do the same with an SACD player.

The 3 CD players are:
Unison Research CDE with optional Dac.
Vincent CD-S8.
Vincent CD-S7DAC.

They are a massive step up in sound quality in redbook over the BD-752 & 105.