Is there a better speaker deal than this? Walsh

A few weeks ago I bought a pair of Ohm Walsh 4 (with recently replaced foam surrounds) for $390. I cannot image getting better sound for such an unbelievably low price. I spent some time finding the best location for them and for my couch and then EQd them (1/3 octave). The sound is so big, uncolored and smooth it defies description. Sound "floats" in mid air. What is the best speaker deal you know of?
Walsh 4 for $390 is about as good as it gets in terms of sound/dollar. :^).
A buddy of mine was driving around and passed by a garage sale. He saw a really nice set of Ohm Walsh 2XO speakers in the lot. He got them for $20. Took some time to find the proper way to place them in his sun room but once he got it going the music was kind of like what you said.