Is there a "better" power cord for an amp?

I am currently using a Parasound HC-3500. Ih I switch power cords, will I get any kind of improvement?
Any number of high quality used quality power cords for sale at Audiogon should beat your stock cords.

For Parasound, I would consider used Purist or Cardas. However, any top name brand could be purchased and resold (if you were displeased), with little or no loss.

This makes testing less financially painful, and will allow you to discover first hand what makes you happy.
Thanks for your answer. I'm gonna try....
You might also want to check out HCM Audio's Web site ( They are having a clearance sale on AudioQuest and Audio Magic power cords -- I got several of their AudioQuest cords and was pleased with both the quality and the price.
You will definitely realize improvements by upgrading from a stock AC cord. The problem is deciding upon which cord to pick from the dozens available? There are probably several that will make you happy but you don't know what will work best for you until you experiment. Try contacting Bob Cohen at Cable Company for various recommendations, & rental cords to try for a nominal fee which is then applicable to any eventual purchase.