Is there a better integrated amp than the Cary SI-300.2d for the money?

Hi all,

I have a very large stereo system from PBN that I love.  The two amps each weigh 200 lbs (with 4 kva transformers each) and there is a separate very large power supply for both the preamp and phono preamp.  Top notch quality.  But, too big for our new house.  Again, I love that system (2 Olympia amps together with the Olympia LX and Olympia P preamps) but need to switch.  Does anyone have experience with the Cary SI-300.2d integrated amp?  What are some good solid state amps at the $4k - $5k price range?  Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi glennewdick.  The Luxman products look very nice.  A bit more pricey than I had hoped for the power, but the reviews and specs look really good.  Thanks
The Lyngdorf 2170 is absolutely wonderful. It is far more than an integrated amp however. No need for a dac either. The room correction is state of the art and a game changer. I replaced $18,000 worth of top rated separates and wire with it. Sounds better! Sleeper in this country, but the real deal.

This is a very special piece utilizing innovative technology not seen in any other piece of gear. Before you buy try one out and you will smile.

Neal at Sound Science is your man.
Thanks grannyring.  I've been doing a lot of research on the product based on aniwolfe and your recommendations.  The modules are interesting -- big price differences.  Right now I am looking for someone who doesn't require a 15% restocking fee since I will be comparing it head to head.  Thanks again.
I just purchased the Classe Sigma 2200i integrated not long ago. Steroophile gave it an “A” rating and I’m ver happy with it. I’m looking forward to using the room equalization features, but can’t speak to the quality of the onboarrd DAC.

The amplifier section is identical to the highly regarded Classe CA-D200.
Neal at Sound Science will loan you his to demo for the cost of shipping.