Is there a better DAC than the Schiit Bifrost for $300?

I have a Schiit Modi 2 Uber as my DAC. I'm not completely dissatisfied with it but understand that it is low end and that there must be room for improvement. I've got a nice older system but I'm not a fanatic about SQ (yet). I could use the Modi elsewhere or sell it...although Schiit just came out with the Modi 3 so the Modi 2 Uber is only worth about $60-$70 now.

There are open box Bifrosts on eBay for around $330. They are $400 new.

My questions are:

Should I see noticeable improvement going from the Modi 2 to the Bifrost?
What if I just went to a Modi 2 Multibit at $250 new, $200 used?
Is there another DAC I should consider in the $250-$300 range?

Musical Fidelity, V90-DAC

$299 on Amazon, and 30 day hassle-free return if it doesn't sound better than your Schiit.
Cambridge DacMagic with an outboard regulated power supply to replace the wall wart. This can contribute to a more wart free experience.
Of course. Too many to take the time to list. 
The Modi 3 might be a bit of a step back from the Modi 2. The Modi 2 has a linear power supply and the Modi 3 has a switcher, and likely a cheap one given its price point. 
"Of course. Too many to take the time to list. "

That's good to know. Please name two that haven't been mentioned that are definitely better AND cost less than $300. Thanks.