Is there a better DAC than the Schiit Bifrost for $300?

I have a Schiit Modi 2 Uber as my DAC. I'm not completely dissatisfied with it but understand that it is low end and that there must be room for improvement. I've got a nice older system but I'm not a fanatic about SQ (yet). I could use the Modi elsewhere or sell it...although Schiit just came out with the Modi 3 so the Modi 2 Uber is only worth about $60-$70 now.

There are open box Bifrosts on eBay for around $330. They are $400 new.

My questions are:

Should I see noticeable improvement going from the Modi 2 to the Bifrost?
What if I just went to a Modi 2 Multibit at $250 new, $200 used?
Is there another DAC I should consider in the $250-$300 range?
The Topping D50 looks interesting you can power it with a samsung wall wart for tablets,. I assume any tablet charger would work?
One would assume as long as you have the correct plug end and the power supply is of correct voltage and sufficient amp rating then I would say any brand of tablet charger would work.
But walwarts are not usually the best source for power for any dac imho.

I got big improvement in sq on a mytek Brooklyn by going from a mains 115v cord to a quality iFi power supply ($50) rated exactly to match the Brooklyn.

Sometimes you do still get what you pay for.
Yes that ifi power supply looks like something I would be more comfortable keeping plugged in all the time to a dac instead of tablet charger. 
another good budget audio company is IFI Audio. They have a few DAC's and they aso get great reviews. I've owned one of their IFI Iphono2 phono stages that at $500 was punching well above its price point. Highly recommend IFI products.
@OP, check out HifiShark.
They have a pretty complete listing of equipment around the world- which you can filter accordingly. Ebay is just a small part of the 2nd hand world.