Is the word 'Integrated' that hard to spell?

When I sell an item here, or write anything for that matter, there are no typos. It's as if my browser detects typos so I can fix them. Oh wait, all browsers have spelling error detection for at least 5 years (a simple setting toggle).

There's an advert here now for an 'Integtrated.' And often others for 'intergrateds.' And speakers with good low 'base.' The latter is a grammar error, and even lazier. On an audio site, do we not know how bass is spelled? Really?

Of course, upon moving to NC last year, I discovered that 'chair' is actually two syllables.

Go ahead, flame away. Make sure to spell check first so it's legible.

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Wacth otu, teh gramer nazy iz hear. ;^)
Haha the first salvo!  :)
Can you say anal retentive?
Speaking of spell checkers, here and elsewhere I’ve been seeing a rather striking number of instances in which the word "defiantly" is substituted for "definitely." Hard to believe so many people would make that error intentionally, which leads me to wonder if it may be the result of a spell check auto-correction that isn’t noticed by those who don’t bother to proofread their posts.

And perhaps over-reliance on spell checkers is a contributing factor to many of the incorrect word substitutions that are commonly seen. My perception being that substitution of "advise" for "advice" is on a percentage basis probably the most frequent example.

-- Al

Not that it is an excuse, but many tablets and phones like those from Apple by default automatically change words you type that it does not recognize into what it thinks it should be and is often wrong.   I find it most annoying that my technology thinks it knows what I mean better than I do.  It encourages laziness often with bad results.  As is usually the case.
The ’defiantly’ issue is because people often misspell ’definitely’ as ’definately’ and the autocorrect changes it to ’defiantly’. And I can’t count the number of times I have seen things like "YOUR right. THERE products are TO good." Sigh. We all make the occasional error when typing quickly or using a tablet/phone that autocorrects to post in the forums, but come on...

I buy from sellers with correct grammar and spelling.  Right or wrong, I feel better buying from someone smart enough to figure it out, even if it only involves a keystroke.  

We also shouldn't forget that for many people English is a second (or subsequent) language and the many homophones make it very difficult to learn.  How can you explain to someone who is learning English that "I bow to your presence" and "Eye bough two you're presents" are pronounced exactly the same way??
I akses youse,  is this really a tropic?

One that's been bugging me lately: "Let me explain the de-tells".

Or when adults say "What's hapa-neen?"

just getting old... 

wlutke - agree. I won't buy from a garbled ad. I always ask them to call me as well so I know they're serious, responsive, etc.

smrex13 - yes thought about that as well, the ESL aspect. Fair point. Your example, however, is for verbal, not written communication. I married a non-native English speaker and am highly sensitive (and patient) with the *verbal* idiosyncrasies of our language.
I agree,  interrogated is not hard to spell   :)

Integrated is not a hard word to spell. I agree. Neither is boor nor pedant.

What difference does it make to you?  Does it take away from what the person (may not be an English speaker) have to say?  Sometimes, one simply wants to get their point on paper and post it, and forget (myself included) to spell check. Who cares??? this isn't Spelling class and it really isn't hurting anyone.

I really enjoy interacting with people here about systems, equipment, upgrades and music.  That person may be from Sweden for all I care.  And since I've been to Sweden at least nine times, I can tell you that there is no way on this planet that I could even think about speaking Swedish or spelling words in Swedish. Yet, they speak English better than me (or is it I?)

Lets not start an English language fight.  Enjoy the music.

ok don't buy from anyone spelling wrong especially if you're angry. let others who are not get good or better deal.
"Ok, auto-correct, I'm really tired of your shirt."
As long as they can spell separate and parallel and propagate correctly I’m on board.
if end yu kaint spelt nuthun ryt, thein doant go en poast uh coment.  en doant tri nun uf them konjuhgayshun trecks, neethur.

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Kijanki, thanks for the best laugh of the day :-)

I put the quoted paragraph through the spelling and grammar checker of the version of Microsoft Word that is provided in Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.  Out of the 231 words in the paragraph, most of which are wrong, the spelling checker by itself flagged all of 13 words as being incorrect, and the spelling and grammar checker together flagged all of 30 words as being incorrect.

And it scored the paragraph as being exceptionally easy to read, with a reading ease score of 100.0 and a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 2.3!


Best regards,
-- Al
Scott_w - your avatar is you closed.
More pedantry: how about power "chord" rather than "cord?" Come on, people!

Common or silly flubs on this forum:

advise for advice

base for bass

infer for imply

to for too

your for you’re

there for their

posts in all lower case

a surgeon who saves soles instead of souls (Does that make him an orthopaedist or a filleter of souls?)


It's true for many people English is a second (or subsequent) language and the many homophoBes make it very difficult to learn.

Generally speaking, I'm with the "I blame auto-correct" crowd.

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Spencer, I'm sure your English is goodder than mine.
Depends on what the definition of "is" is.
There is a disturbing trend today for people to spell a word as they want and its the reader's problem to try and figure out what that person is saying. So in essence, there is no onus on the writer to be correct, it's simply not his/her problem, but I am surprised at the number of people today who are very accepting of this practice. It simply doesn't matter.

But, the bigger problem, is it's simply not taught in school these days. There are no phonics classes anymore.
It's our slow progression to the society in the movie "Idiocracy".
All those years I've been in the working world (about 50 of them), I've been surprised at how sloppy people can be with letters, memos and emails; it detracts from the perceived "professionalism" when it contains all those miss-spellings.