Is the VPI Forum Down Again?

I've tried to access it all day and all I get is a 404 error code.


Don't know how many times I've heard "Go Daddy" corrupted and lost everything, although it was probably one time. Yet, if Go Daddy did, how on earth could they not be held responsible??

I wonder whether VPI just grew tired of the direct and indirect criticism of their own products on their own forum.  There was a very long and very critical thread about their ADS drive system.  It was so critical, including complaints from buyers, that they had to shut it down.  More recently there were threads about using the SOTA offerings of motor, drive system and tachometer for VPIs that were far better than the VPI motor and drive system.

There may be another motive for shutting down the original forum:  Mat and Harry posted numerous times eschewing any sort of digital electronics, digital readouts, closed loop feedback, tachometers, speed correction and BLDC motors.  Two years ago, they came out with the HW40 which uses digital electronics, closed loop feedback/speed correction and a BLDC motor.  At CAF last year, they showed a new motor controller that uses all of those things.  I think the old forum became an embarrassing display of hypocrisy that would make promotion of their new products difficult at best.



The last time the forum was resurrected this year Mat mentioned that they had not kept up with regular website updates, so GoDaddy could not even serve up their site.  The current and new stories blaming GoDaddy, I'm tired of them.  I'm with Robes: perhaps maybe *one* time GoDaddy may have been responsible.  Anyway, back in the day the forum was a great resource and I learned a lot.  

I can vouch for the Sota Total Eclipse package.  It is a stunning upgrade to my Prime.