Is the Transporter gone out of production forever?

Logitech no longer lists the Transporter amongst its products. Does anyone know if there will be an updated Transporter in the future?

What other stock streaming players rivaled the Transporter in sound quality and price?

Will the Squeezebox Touch with about $2k worth of DAC equal or surpass the stock Transporter?
I think that is the idea as more and more systems are mostly digital. I haven't tried the analog outs on the Touch yet but I have used the digital outs with Meridian and Classe.

I don't know the exact, official status of the Transporter but you're right, it is missing from the product line up now. However it was doomed to go out at some point since the visual display modules used in it were no longer being manufactured.

I'm assuming they have some in inventory for warranty service but probably not enough to continue new production.

I auditioned a Transporter a few years back and ended up with a SB3 and a Lavry DAC. I thought the audio performance was equal, though I know others disagree. I've since added a Touch and am very pleased with the audio quality.
I have a great deal of experience with both products and to answer both competing product I have heard "rivaled the Transporter in sound quality" and no, to my ears, does the Touch equal or surpass the Transporter. My comparison has been done digital out to my Berkeley Alpha Dac and the difference is quite noticeable. As Mlsstl said, others may hear it different...
I have he SB3 with CI power supply, revelation audio embelical going into a Benchmark DAC (nordost silver shadow digital cable) - any reason to upgrade to a transport? Would it sound better going into the benchmark than what I already have? or, better off getting a better dac? Appreciate input from anyone who has been through this first hand.
Cerrot...Those are really tough questions and I don't think any of us can answer them accurately. Changing your digital cable will certainly change the sound, some just different, some different and better, some worse. The Nordost is a very bright, crisp sounding cable so there are many that could bring warmth and heavier bottom. Changing from SB3 to a Transporter will improve things noticeably in my opinion but whether it is the right change, I cannot say. A different Dac is sort of the same answer as the digital cable. They are all very hard to quantify and you probably will not know until you start auditioning pieces in your system. I know it's not the answer you are looking for but it is so hard to gauge.