is the Tannoy Xt 8f a warm speaker??

I feel that the Tannoy speaker is on the warm side ???

I am using a warmish mosfet integrated amp , the Mimetism 15.2

who is using Tannoy speakers similar to the Xt8F ??

please comment
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the bass is overwhelming and boomy.  the upper midrange is edgy.  asking too much from an 8" driver to hand off to a dome tweeter.  
the xt6f sounds worlds better.  
the bass is not boomy if you have a large space

and the amp has the power to control the bass/ otherwise the bass is not tight

is the xt6f on the warm side??

l haven’t heard the XT8F but do own the XT6Fs. They’re not what I’d call warm speakers, especially with the grills off. I think they sound fairly neutral with the grills on. If you want a brighter sound, look to FocaI, Monitor Audio, or Revel. That or try a Class D amp.
I’ve had the XT8Fs for a few years now, coming from Klipsch (RF8?). They’re definitely not what I’d consider warm, I’d agree "neutral" overall but leaning slightly towards treble detail (although MUCH less than those Klipsch!) Gonna have to disagree with Avanti1960, at least in my system. Bass is not overpowering, but rather well controlled and rather punchy-- (almost addictively so,) and the midrange is rather smooth. Vocals do very well on it. I had a Halo Integrated with them, and now Rogue tube pre and power. They seem to get along well with both. They are pretty efficient, as I don’t have to blast my Rogue at all even in triode mode (~60W into 8ohms). The XT8Fs sound like music. FWIW, I listen to a lot of jazz, blues, rock and 70s fusion, all sound pretty good.  edit:  For a few months I had them paired with a NAD C388 Class D integrated, and this wasn't the best match, as treble was overly emphasized, but that could've been the amp.

hi what kinds of ic and speaker cable are you using

thanks for your comment
jmlab926 I’m biwiring the Tannoys with Clearday Double Shotguns (HF) and Morrow level 5 (LF). Two different cables per speaker, I know, but it does sound good! Interconnects are Acoustic BBQ XLR (made by Agon'r Grannyring) between pre and power and DAC and pre. I'm using Morrow XLR level 6 between phono pre and preamp.