Is the stylus dirty?

The Scout is down for repair.

For the next few days, I will be using the Technics SL1200 which I had stored and wonder if the Ortofon MC-1 is dirty.

How much magnification do you use to examine your stylus? And what indicates the stylus needs to be cleaned?
Just curious. What's wrong with your Scout?
If you play records, chances are that it needs to be cleaned. Very regularly.
Get yourself RRL LP#9, an extreme phono cleaner or a zerodust.
If your normal table is a Scout, you'll certainly hear the difference with that table. You'll probably hear the difference w/the SL1200.

Cheers, Spencer
Slipknot-My Scout was possessed from the first day. Thankfully my dealer, Larry at Hollywood Sound, is standing behind it. (Shameless plug, but he is the best)

Anyway, it hummed when I touched tonearm. Evidently was shipped lacking a ground. Dealer grounded table.

It recently developed a hum when the ground wire is attached to pre, but is quiet when no ground wire is attached to pre. This is the opposite of what we expect, eh? Also the hum increases in volume when phono wires are touched.

Dealer has checked and checked, and now suspects Dynavector may be at fault. We are awaiting another cartridge.

Sbank- I irregularly use the last Stykus clkeaner and its companion stylast stylus treatment on the Dynavector, but did not have it when I was operating with the Ortofon.

So is there observable indicia of stylus funk?
I've become a fan of the Zerodust. Simple and amazingly effective.
I can tell you that even if you do not own a higher powered microscope to see the grung on your stylus, you certainly can hear it. I've converted many of my audio buddies just by taking my bottle of LP#9 along with me when I've gone over to enjoy music with them. It's well worth the $25.
Ach! Larry @ Hollywood Sound! He indeed is a very nice chap! When I lived in suburban Ft. Lauderdale, I bought my MMF5 from him. I requested him to put RCA jacks on the MMF5 & he did a splendid, clean & real pro job! I'd buy again from him any time! Also spent many hours in his shop talking analog - real goldmine of info.
Does somebody know a cheap source for the Zerodust, i.e. below $69?

Thanks, Robert