Is the sound of a cable the same ac cable types?

I just spent some time comparing several interconnects in the sub $350 range (used). Although I was skeptical that I'd hear major differences between cables, I was surprised to discover fairly large differences in the sound of the cable brands I tried, which included Analysis Plus, Kimber, and Harmonic Technology, among others.

I'm planning to upgrade speaker cables next and wanted to get some thoughts on how much of the research that I did on interconnects will be useful in choosing new speaker cables. Two of the questions I have are:

Should I expect to hear the same "house sound" that I heard in comparing interconnects in the same company's speaker cables as well?

Can the same cable sound very different depending on its application--either as an interconnect or as a speaker cable?

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.
To answer your first question... If you've found interconnects you like, then it makes perfect sense to try the same company's speaker cables (and power cords too, for that matter). Depending on the system, you can sometimes get very good or even better results mixing different company's products, but of course that will involve a higher degree of trial and error.

Second question: Simple answer, yes, they can sound very different.