Is the remote controller a boon?

I came across
It made me think differently of pre/int amp that comes with a remote. Have manufactureres spent enough time/money/effort to make theire remote contollers right?
BAT sells remote contols at extra $500, and some would ask why so expensive when there are many recievers at under $200 with remotes?

Would you rather have a remote on your over $1000 pre/int amp at the cost of sonic degradation for conveniebce or not?
Or would you be willing to pay extra $500 for a remote that is made right and has zero interference with the sound?
Or, would you be rather without a remote than paying $500?

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Hi Ihcho,

I find a remote essential. Like Larryi articulated above, it's been my experience that better sound (with my particular room acoustics and equipment) for a particular song can normally be found within a prescribed volume range. For me, that's best accomplished while at the listening area. I have BAT gear.