Is the Raspberry Pi with Allo DigiOne the Ideal SPDIF transport?

I am convinced the ideal endpoint for a home LAN Music Network is the Raspberry Pi with the Allo DigiOne SPDIF Transport, powered by the iFi Audio iPower 5v PSU.

By eliminating runs of USB cable between components, you eliminated USB Noise.  
USB isn’t the issue as much as the power and ground loops, which I hope most DAC’s now properly isolate.

Still, I’m all for inexpensive streamers. The advantage of USB however is still bandwidth.
From my research and experience, it is a huge bargain!  I recently switched from a MacBook Pro running Audirvana to the Allo DigiOne SPDIF output (No upgraded PS, the jury still seems to be out on the benefits of it).

I've only got about 100 hours on it so far but I won't be going back to a PC based system. 

The only issue I have is in order to run Tidal, you have to run another program on your phone such as BubbleUpnp.  But then you can't add or remove songs on your playlist, start a radio station etc. Unless I'm missing something here which is very possible as I'm not the most computer tech saavy.

I use the same setup - Rasp Pi 3B  + Allo Digione -> Musical Fidelity V90 DAC -> Cayin A-50t (EL34) amp. I power the RPi with the iFi low noise power supply.

I was using a HiFiBerry Digi+Pro but felt something was missing. I really love the service and the people at HiFiBerry - they are first rate and helped me a lot getting things going. 

But one I tried the Allo Digione I was in heaven! I upgraded another system in a different room with the Allo Digione and haven't looked back. 

I have a 512GB SSD hooked up to the RPI that I serve with SAMBA (I use piCorePlayer) and have ripped all my CDs into FLAC files. I use the network from the other room to access the music files on the SAMBA Server, admittedly the Digione costs a lot more than the Digi+ but for me it is very much worth it! Enjoy the music!
I still am using the RasPi/DigiOne SPDIF feed in the Schitt Gungnir MB, but I have to give a tip of the cap to Scott McGowan's Sprout100, and its DAC stage, from USB, or Toslink input. Sometimes it is just so convenient to flip the knob from ANALOG to DIGITAL to hear the audio on a video. And I run the RasPi on the big screen TV while the monitor on the server is a direct feed by USB. It sounds really good. (And through headphones, also.)