Is the Polk LSiM707 as good as the reviewes?

Some say it its the class of $40K speakers. Anyone actual heard and compared this speaker to other floor standers?
Its better be. But I have not seen any reviews. Do you have a link?
This guy seemed to like the 703 better.
I am hoping to see a lot of reviews from people moving up from the LSi series. I hope they are great. I need / want to buy something new.
There was a review in Tone this month, they appear to be well received by anyone who has top shelve gear and a large listening room.

Okeeteekid, nothing against the reviewer in the link, but he wasn't using what I would consider a high current amp to power the LSiM707's.
The Tone review is encouraging.
Face, the amp the reviewer used should have been more than adequate to drive a speaker with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.
I hope to hear a pair of these soon. I live in the Philippines and I have to wait for them to arrive at the store I can listen to them at. I had no idea the reviews were so good for the speakers. I hope anyone with any input gives their opinions.