Is the OPPO-205 worth $3600?

Howdy from Flagstaff, AZ!

So —I was too late to sign up to feasibility be offered the opportunity to purchase a 205 at the end of this month. Is it worth spending $3600 for this beautiful beast? My intention was to also use it as a preamp and possibly do the ModWright upgrade. Is there a viable alternative (I’m speaking primarily about a quality UHD-disc player) with-in the $1200-3500 range?
Now that I’m a grown-ass adult, consummately in mid-thirties, I’ve decided to build a respectable home theater and stereo system. My appartment is realively small, the room in which I’m building my system is about 11x13 ft and the walls curve into the ceiling, might be good for acoustics (maybe) – the walls are thick 100 year old plaster covering stone.

 One of the many reasons I’m interested in the 205 is shere simplicity — I don’t have oodles of space for a smorgasbord of components. I already own a Proceed AMP-5 (I would like to take advance of its XLR connections) and I am seriously considering purchasing a pair of either D2 or D3 B&W 804 towers, a comparable B&W center speaker, eventually some 805 for surrounds (I currently have some fifteen year ol’ B&W 600 series to get me by In the meantime). My Panny Plasma just met an unfortuate end, but I intend to pick up a 65” LG C8 once the price drops.

Although slightly tangentle from the original question, I’m just providing this superfluous information to paint a clearer picture of my intentions.

This is my first post — i only registered a few hours ago; please be kind. I supplicate myself to your expertise.
It is worth it with the full Modwright tube mods. Mine is outstanding.

Honestly, I don't think it's worth it.  If you got one for the original retail price, I would say so.  The Oppo is an awesome "jack of all trades" device.  However, if you look at a particular function (such as a 2-channel DAC), there are better solutions out there.   The oppo 205 was a steal for $1299 (if I remember right), but for $3600 it's a total ripoff, in my opinion.  You can get much better dedicated streamers for that amount.

You didn’t mention why you needed the Oppo 205, unless you were just impressed by its reputation (which still makes sense). Paying $3600 for a player made to sell for $1299 doesn’t make any sense. Maybe I misunderstood. If $3600 includes the Modwright upgrade, go for it. Otherwise, it’s your money but I wouldn’t do it.

P.S. I own an Oppo 105D, and it’s all I need. I paid $1200. I see that there are a couple off used Oppo 105 units available right here for $800. Again, it’s your money.
For about $200 you can get the Sony ubx-700 4K player, get a used 105 for $700 or so, getit modded, then you still have $2000 grand left over for power cables, interconnects, etc. I’m sure once there last units start shipping you’ll see them for less as the supply will go up while a lot of existing demand will be met.  Tempe audience who wants this player is not huge given most normal folks are not dropping several bills on a disc player ....
Absolutely not.  People are crazy if they are paying that much for an Oppo.
No. Someone is trying to rip folks off.
Supply and demand principles still apply, but not everything that's rare is valuable. The Oppo 205 is worth what it was scheduled to sell for (and probably a little more), but it's not the holy grail some make it seem.
As I mentioned above economics are currently driving these down I’ve seen about 5 post within the last few days with the lowest price at $2,000.00
It’s your money. Try not to waste it. For $3600, there are a lot of choices out there!