Is the Oppo-105 with Modwright modifications

As good as they say it is. I was talking to a dealer today and he said you can't have a state of the art product when you start with crap. He said the Saber DAC's were junk and I'd be wasting my money doing the Modwright upgrades. On the other hand I have heard people rave about it. What is your take on this player and the Modwright upgrades? Am I better off buying a high-end used CD player without a warranty. I like the Idea of a modded player but I don't want to be disappointed and take a big loss.
Knghifi, no, I've only heard an Exemplar moded 95 and now the Exemplar moded 105. The 105 does just about everything and with the Exemplar tube output stage, the use as a dac for my music server sounds outstanding.
Does a modification interfere with the ability to perform a firmware update? I would hate to upgrade my 105 only to find out that it will no longer successfully take a firmware update.
I don't know, but this would be a good question for Oppo : )
I would assume the 105 is like my 95... I have no problems updating the firmware on my Modwright 95...
No problem with the updates thus far. I've had my modded 105 for several months and just did the latest update rom Oppo with no issues .