Is the Oppo-105 with Modwright modifications

As good as they say it is. I was talking to a dealer today and he said you can't have a state of the art product when you start with crap. He said the Saber DAC's were junk and I'd be wasting my money doing the Modwright upgrades. On the other hand I have heard people rave about it. What is your take on this player and the Modwright upgrades? Am I better off buying a high-end used CD player without a warranty. I like the Idea of a modded player but I don't want to be disappointed and take a big loss.
Does Modwright publish distortion data for its mods?

In its review of the Oppo 105 Audioholics writes:

"The balanced analog outputs were just stunningly excellent (.001% THD + N) measuring almost down to the noise floor of my test gear and this was despite the fact I was driving the player at 0dBFs (digital full scale). This is just superb performance.

Oppo specifies distortion as 0.0003% THD + N using a 24 bit signal at 1kHz with a 20kHz LPF. Our measurements were done full bandwidth with no LPF which is why our figures were a bit higher. Oppo confirmed our results using the exact same test equipment, test conditions and signals."

I know that measurements are not the whole game, but it's clearly part of the story.
So who has heard both a stock Oppo 105 AND a Modwright Oppo 105?

Please explain how they sound alike or different.

Is the modwright a definite "no doubt about it" upgrade or something less than that?
Since the 105 is a relatively new product, you may not find anyone who has heard the stock and modified versions. If you do some research, though, I think you will find a lot of comments made about Modwright's modifications of previous players.
A p.s. to Dsper:
I have an Oppo 95 that I use only for a separate video system. I have had it my audio system, and the differences between it and the Modwright 105 are sort of like night and day. I couldn't stand the 95 in my audio system, and I love the modified 105. I hope this helps, at least maybe a little bit.
To say that Jfz "couldn't stand" the Oppo 95 in his system is certainly to go against the grain of virtually all press reviews, sophisticated audiophile reviews and virtually everything else written about the product. The Oppo 105 is said to sound much like the 95, perhaps just a bit better and is also getting raves all around.

One thing we know is that tubes almost always add harmonic distortion. A lot of listeners prefer it that way. Many years ago Bob Carver experimented and proved that, even with solid state. That's why I asked if the moders publish their distortion figures.

Another issue is that Oppo has improved its audio circuits with each release. But judging by the rapidity with which the mods appear, they likely stay about the same so that with each new version they would add less and less.

Just one person's views.