Is the nicest television a computer ?

I heard that some people have taken a computer monitor and converted it to work as a T.V.
Could I take a big old computer monitor and make a great T.V. ? or forget about it .

I did that to make room for stereo equipment. I don't watch a lot of tv, so I have a LG 19" computer monitor for TV (a Linn Classik for sound....).

Yes, it works, but it's a very small picture.
I think its BS but I like my Projector anyway so what do I care?
No, the nicest television isn't a computer.

No, but the nicest computer is a television.

Buy one (or more) of the latest generation 1080p screens and use it for both.

When used in conjunction with a high end audio system, you will be very happy.
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Thank you all .

Eric , This monitor business sounds intriguing .
I have a JVC D-500 It's v,Good but I'd like to make something that would be better, that I could just, keep .
Could the monitor be converted to use a '' Tuner " . would the picture quality stay as good ? just thought I'd ask .

Alex B
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That sound very interesting
I would not won't anything bigger the about 27''

should I post a Q about monitors '' which is best'' for the value ?