Is the NHT xd System worth buying today?

 I have an opportunity to buy the NHT XDS system. The asking price is about what it was going for during the closeout sale, so about half of the orginal retail price, it is not a giveaway. I am just wondering if this system is still valid today considering the advancements in the technology used?

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The amplifier has an XLR cable output for the subwoofer (XLR female/input obviously). 
JD, have you ever actually HEARD the system? If you weren't interested in it, when/how did you "see them go for $1200 or $1500"? Was that like 10 years ago? lol.  The selling point of the system was not just the amp, but the active crossover and equalization that resulted from a significant dedication of engineering/development resources. A signal perfectly tailored to the drivers and enclosures is created in the digital domain, and mainline/amplified and sent directly to the midrange, tweeter, and subwoofers, without any phase colorations or crossover distortion caused by passive components. If you believe that a passive version of the system sounds the same, you either haven't heard the immediacy of the active version and/or you are missing the whole point. You probably would not like active studio monitors either. The fit and finish of the system is outstanding, and the results are jaw-dropping. I have not heard of any of the hum or other noise issues that you speak of, or [the need for] any upgraded drivers offered by NHT; the results speak for themselves, as anyone who has actually heard (or reviewed) the system will attest. Enjoy whatever it is you like. :)


Sounds like you couldn't make the Xds sound the way you wanted because you don't have the technical capability. Those crazy looking upside down M60s were not a "replacement". If you are looking to some side-bar in an old Stereophile column, and you want to call that "well documented", well, then that speaks for itself.. LOL BTW, I wasn't trying to be patronizing. Enjoy your Genelecs. Buddy. 

Thanks for your post daverz! Mine have been sitting for over a year (use Wilson W/P in my main system) - but your post makes me want to hook 'em back up for a spin..  :)