Is the new TEAC P-01 and mono dac combo good? Yes

I heard the new TEAC P-01 and dual mono with a new version of the atomic clock at CES. It was quite impressive and ought to be given the $65k price for all of this. I asked to compare it with both the X-01 and UX-1 players, both with the atomic clock on them. It did not take but a few notes to hear that it was substantially superior. It was quicker in attack, had better placement and sound stage, and generally made you want to listen. Now if only the lottery came in.
Atomic clock ???
Hi Norm, So when will you get yours?? Keeping it stock or Exemplar modified-)?
Elberoth, the Atomic clock is accurate to 1 second in 300 years, if I recall correctly. It costs a mere $13k! Crystal clocks which cost about $.25 are accurate to 1 second per year. The impact of the clock was obvious in listening. There will soon be an atomic clock chip which might cost a $100.

Mburnstein, none is on the way or likely, although this looks quite good and sounds similarlly. I though you might try one. :<)
Guys, as I mentioned before, the accuracy of the clock is not of any importance as it reflects speed, not audio quality. This was also confirmed in a long conversation with one of the Esoteric design engineers from Japan at the CES this year. What matters is the jitter figure and sync with the data word.

Hi Norm, for that $$ I'd rather have a new car!