Is the NAD 3020 the best value of all time?

This question is loaded I know, but that question is being asked from this perspective.

My brother is in for the Holidays and the first thing he asked was, "What is with this Stereo?"

So I asked him to grab his music and have a listen. His face lit up as he listened to his favorite live album. He said man can you hear the people talking in the crowd. And I can hear a baby crying. Oh did you hear that is a drum. I never heard that before.

Next question was how much would it cost me to do this?

I could have kissed him, but long story short I want to get him started super simple and cheap.

I have heard all kinds of praise for the NAD integrated 3020 amp as an all time value piece. The question is was the NAD a value in its day or is it an all time value still?
Is there anything out there today on the used market that can compete with this value amp for performance and price?

I hope to have the hooks in my little bro in a couple of weeks.
As a value I agree it's good to begin with, but it doesn't have a slam and controll. It's simply too shy.
He'd be more impressed with old used Bryston for the same buck.
3020 was certainly a "milestone", but given a stated budget today, one can do better...especially in the used market. What is his budget and what will be his prefered source(s)? What will his listening area be like? Merry Xmas!
Nice, you have to love it when that happens. I set a friend up with a NAD 320BEE and a Pair of the EPOS ELS-3's. The combination was fantastic and all for $450.00! Anyway, that is just one example but you can make your $$$ go along way performance versus dollar here on Audiogon.

Good Luck and Seasons Greetings!!

I guess I am asking for the price they are selling for used, $100 give or take, is there anything out there that might get my brother started. We will be going with a cheap all in one player, a integrated, and some enty level speakers with a goal of about $300.00.
From there I will let him decide. His room is a small block room if I remember. He is a resident director of the Men's Dorn at a small Bible college.
If there is any way to get him going for about the same as the NAD I am all ears.
I have never heard a NAD before, and thank you for your insight.
They cost less than $200 back in ' they can't be worth much now. The switches became intermittent with age, and as the caps dried out, they developed instability problems. Part of the reason it sounded good was the voltage gain stage of the power amp was run off of a regulated supply.
I will try to get him to get after an integrated Audio Refinement Amp/CD.
The NAD 3020 magic is that it is VERY musical,unlike most Audio, old or new.

Don't buy one that says "series twenty"

I liked the 3020 better than the Nait 2 and many other units...
Magic midrange it has...
Mc.....if you look this thread is going on 3 years old and has not been peplied to in 2.5 years.
I once owned both the Nad and Nait. For me it would be the original Naim NAIT, all 15 watts of it. A tiny box with huge, lively sound.
I thought the NAD had much better weight and magic tone, where the Nait was more detailed but sterile and thinish,no suduction effect at all,think paper-airplane...

I don't know what the big deal is with the naits,I have good sources and many speaker to try with amps..I think the advent 300 is a better piece than the Nait also. With all the cheap tube gear around,thats the way to go these days anyway,think 6L6 amps.Now we are talkin musicality.
Hey McGarick -- go figure. I had a NAIT3 -- perhaps the least well loved of the Naits -- for years. Getting it was was the first or second most impressive change in my audio evolution ever, and it taught me just how involving and compelling reproduced music could be. Wish I had another!
Deal of the century in my humble opinion....the humble Nait 1, the original. A whopping 18 (or was it 15) watts per channel. 1 volume knob. Amazing speed and clarity. Even today, it sounds more than respectable. I had mine plugged in '84, unplugged in '94 when I sold it, went on to XXXX-times the price amps (including some overpriced Simaudio components)...and regretted selling the little black bugger ever since. It was ALWAYS on, always ready to deliver, and sounded more like a 60 watter because of it's high current output. As good as the NAD 3020 was, that little Naim was and still is in a league by itself.
The NAD is definitely up there.

However, my vote goes to the Dynaco ST70.
I would like to hear a Dynaco ST70,I have an Antique sound labs 1003dt and I bet its similar.
The piece of gear that really floored me was an old Accuphase E-202 integrated(besides the nad)that was a revealation to me..that got megoing on an Accuphase jag for awhile until I got the tube bug. I just picked up some Braun L1030 speakers at st vincent de paul for 8 bucks and some change lol,and they have got to be some of the best speakers I have ever heard.AND THEY LIKE TUBES, WOOHOOO!!!

It would be fun to have a contest in my area of the best thrift store system put together in one years time...
Theres nothing like cheap good stuff!
Kind of like when I used to smoke,other peoples cig were just better..hehe