Is the Music Hall MMF 2.2 a good table for an entry level table?

Thinking about purchasing an entry level table. Music Hall, Project, U-Turn preferences/winners?
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Yes........if you can find a mmf-5.1 that would be more of a mid line TT and for that money you can't do better without going to about $1500 or more.
Music Hall tables are very under rated........
Does that price include a cartridge...if so which one?

I “re-entered” the world of turntables about 4 years ago (had turntables in my earlier years). I bought the Music Hall 2.2 (might have been the 2.1 then?) and had the Ortofon MM Red installed. I had absolutely no issues with it!  Very nice and easy to deal with — basically because it doesn’t provide any ability to adjust anything like vtf, azimuth, or cables etc. Just plug it in and play records!  About a year later I got the upgrade bug and replaced with VPI Traveler (Ortofon MM Bronze), then a year after that to a VPI Prime (Lyra Delos). These obviously are much better turntables but I spend a lot of time tweaking the many adjustments etc.....because I can :)

If you are comfortable for now not having much flexibility then the Music Hall 2.2 is a fine entry level table. You can always upgrade later if you want. I think it is worthy of a certain level upgrade on the basic cartridge as your first change as well (i.e., an Ortofon MM Bronze or even Black would be worthy at some point); probably not much beyond that price point. 

Good luck!
Musi Hall Magic 2 by Ortofon is the Cartridge.
I also have a Cartridge left over from a TT that was given to me..a Audio Technica AT24 is it worth keeping and messing with.. possibly used with the Music Hall?
I don’t think you can go wrong with that package for $225. As I said, in the future it can improve with an upgraded cartridge within reason. If you have an extra AT24 laying around that could be your first try but I think it would do well with an Ortofon Bronze ($450?) or similar quality. You can always put on the original cartridge if you sell and keep your new cartridge for your next will want one at some point!