Is the Music Hall MMF 2.2 a good table for an entry level table?

Thinking about purchasing an entry level table. Music Hall, Project, U-Turn preferences/winners?
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When I bought a Music Hall entry level table it was the MMF-5 a bazillion years ago, and I still use it with its's Goldring cart .   Can't say about these lower level tables personally but they get good reviews. I'd buy it!
Music Direct has them on sale for 225.00 reg 450.00
I still have a MMF 2.2 and plan to keep it.  It's been sitting idle while I try to sell a couple of other tables (both "better" than the 2.2). 

I got the Ferrari red one and added a speed box (which I now use with my MMF 7.1) and the acrylic platter.  I put a nice cartridge on it (a Nagaoka MP-500) and it sounds very good.  It's not as quiet or detailed as some of my better tables, but it has sentimental value and sounds good enough to keep. 

It was the first turntable I bought after dragging the Marantz 6100 out of my garage after it had been out there for 15 years or so.