Is the Music Hall MMF 2.2 a good table for an entry level table?

Thinking about purchasing an entry level table. Music Hall, Project, U-Turn preferences/winners?
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When I bought a Music Hall entry level table it was the MMF-5 a bazillion years ago, and I still use it with its's Goldring cart .   Can't say about these lower level tables personally but they get good reviews. I'd buy it!
Music Direct has them on sale for 225.00 reg 450.00
I still have a MMF 2.2 and plan to keep it.  It's been sitting idle while I try to sell a couple of other tables (both "better" than the 2.2). 

I got the Ferrari red one and added a speed box (which I now use with my MMF 7.1) and the acrylic platter.  I put a nice cartridge on it (a Nagaoka MP-500) and it sounds very good.  It's not as quiet or detailed as some of my better tables, but it has sentimental value and sounds good enough to keep. 

It was the first turntable I bought after dragging the Marantz 6100 out of my garage after it had been out there for 15 years or so.
Yes........if you can find a mmf-5.1 that would be more of a mid line TT and for that money you can't do better without going to about $1500 or more.
Music Hall tables are very under rated........
Does that price include a cartridge...if so which one?

I “re-entered” the world of turntables about 4 years ago (had turntables in my earlier years). I bought the Music Hall 2.2 (might have been the 2.1 then?) and had the Ortofon MM Red installed. I had absolutely no issues with it!  Very nice and easy to deal with — basically because it doesn’t provide any ability to adjust anything like vtf, azimuth, or cables etc. Just plug it in and play records!  About a year later I got the upgrade bug and replaced with VPI Traveler (Ortofon MM Bronze), then a year after that to a VPI Prime (Lyra Delos). These obviously are much better turntables but I spend a lot of time tweaking the many adjustments etc.....because I can :)

If you are comfortable for now not having much flexibility then the Music Hall 2.2 is a fine entry level table. You can always upgrade later if you want. I think it is worthy of a certain level upgrade on the basic cartridge as your first change as well (i.e., an Ortofon MM Bronze or even Black would be worthy at some point); probably not much beyond that price point. 

Good luck!
Musi Hall Magic 2 by Ortofon is the Cartridge.
I also have a Cartridge left over from a TT that was given to me..a Audio Technica AT24 is it worth keeping and messing with.. possibly used with the Music Hall?
I don’t think you can go wrong with that package for $225. As I said, in the future it can improve with an upgraded cartridge within reason. If you have an extra AT24 laying around that could be your first try but I think it would do well with an Ortofon Bronze ($450?) or similar quality. You can always put on the original cartridge if you sell and keep your new cartridge for your next will want one at some point!
After reading this thread I grabbed my MMF-2.2 which has been sitting unused for a while and put it in my main system.  I have to say, it sounded really nice.

I have better tables now and there are sonic gains to be made stepping up from this table, but I think it's a great starter table that you could enjoy for a long time.

The biggest differences I noticed between this and my other turntables (Music Hall MMF-7.1 with a Van Den Hul MC Two cartridge and a Clearaudio Emotion with a Hana SL cart) were that the bass is not as tight, it does not have as detailed of a sound stage, and a little less "airiness".  Some of that may be due to the differences in carts, a Nagaoka MP-500 vs a couple of nice MC carts.  

If this table was all I had to listen to, I would not be disappointed in any way.
Thanks for responding... been thinking about buying one.. 225.00 seams like a good price.

i would make the leap. It's a small investment for a table unless you want a garage sale table with 40 year old technology.  They suck so don't bother Unless its a really famous brand.

Fwi, The At24 was  very nice cartridge. If it is in good condition it will work well.

Purchased the MMF 2.2.. The fishing line has fallen off the anti skate several times, but I think that was due to sudden movement.
To the experts... How do I know that the anti skate is adjusted correctly?
When I let the tonearm fall from the moves slightly to the outside.

I have 3 Music Hall turntables (including the 2.2) and a Project RPM 9 that use the fishing line / weight anti-skate and they don't fall off unless you move the turntable, hit them with the cover, etc.  If yours is falling off with normal use, I'd suggest contacting Music Hall.  Perhaps the notch wasn't cut deep enough in yours?

With the stock cartridge you should be using the middle of the three notches.  A simple way to test to see if you're in the ballpark is to use a record with a blank side (no etching) and set the needle down on it with the platter spinning and the arm should stay where it is.  I've heard of using a blank CD to do the same, but have not tried it. 

There are test records you can purchase to test anti-skating and other aspects of setup.  

There is lots of advice available (and a variety of opinions) about how to "dial in" anti-skate (not everyone recommends the method I outlined above), but with that table you only have 3 choices.  It's designed to be "plug and play" so unless there's something defective about your particular unit, that middle notch should be good.

Thanks Big Greg, I have a few blank cd's, I'll give it a try.