Is the MSB Technology LINK DAC III worth it ?

I have a deal on this DAC with the 24/132 kHz upsampler upgrade, I don't know if I should do it and how much should I pay? anyone's ideas is greatly appreciated !

thank you very much !
I guess it depends on what you're using it for. It was okay for upgrading the signal from my satellite receiver and cheap dvd player. But did nothing for better cd player. I bought one had it for a few weeks and sold it.
if it has the network card that lets you run aes ebu input,and it has the upgraded power supply,its a good combo.i use the monolithic hb2 power supply with a revelation din power cord,and a moded link3 by dan wright and love it running balanced.the upsampler is 199.99 from msb and the network card is 249.00 link dacs sale for less than 200.00 here and much can you get it for
I don't know how much should I get it, it is an auction. How much you think is a good deal? thanks
if its the one on ebay bid 150 or so.and see if you get it ,if you do then you can work on the upgraded power supply..if you dont get it ,keep checking on here,ive seen them go for 300 or so with power supply,good luck