Is the MR85 Mcintosh Tuner any good.?

I would like to thank everyone who posted on my "mid- priced "tuner inquiry. Has anyone heard the MR85 to get the boss's OK she likes the look of the mac vs the MD100 and Fanafare. Spec's are close I beleive..
A guy I know has the MR7084 which the MR85 replaced and he says it is wonderful. It is his only McIntosh piece (he is an Accuphase man) and decided on it after trying all kinds of tuners for a couple years (although he liked a Magnum Dynalab too). I listened to it and it did sound great - just like CD with awesome imaging. The MR85 looks better with the knobs however.
Mac is good stuff. Their products have always been highly regarded and the 85 is of the same built quality. Overpriced but high quality. They got the lock on the classic "industrial duty" look. IMHO a little too much so. But hey, I'm from Mac's home town so I've got to be careful. So buy the 85 and while you're at it get one for your brother too.
No, not overpriced. Just excellent equipment. All their
tuners are above respectable and worth keeping.
I have lived with this tuner for over 1 year now and really enjoy it. As with any tuner, you need a good antennae to reel those signals in. But once it has them sometimes music sounds better than many CD's I own. It also has the ability to be fitted with a second tuner, which for some people might be useful. And of course, that cool Mac look......great curb appeal.
Does McIntosh MR85 Tuner:
"Equal" Transmitted Broadcast Quality Fidelity Sound? Request MSRP.
It's a great tuner. A little while ago I was listening to our PBS station playing some orchestral work in the background. I had my back to my Maggie 3.6's. Every once and a while I would hear a cough right next to me, then farther away. The 3D resolution was outstanding. I spun around to focus on this. The 85 was always a pleaser but this was something else. Turns out it was a live broadcast of the opening night at the new Disney Hall. I could hear the acoustics of it, and this was with the supplied dipole antenna. But do remember one of the basic laws pertaining to this hobby: Garbage in, Garbage out. The 85 is a keeper for me.