Is the moscode 300 the Best $600 used amp?

looking for a warm, natural sounding amplifier to add to a jolida cd, Alon II speakers, B&K 10pro pre-amp. I looking for natural warm tuby sound. your recommendations are welcomed. My eye is on a used moscode 300, are there others i should consider??????
hybrid amps such as the moscode have much in power but never that tube like sound many enjoy in pure breeds. To say its the best would determine placement with your own,. I would think that since you have a B&K pre why not go with an older B&K amp such as the 202 plus or 200 mono.
The Moscode 300 is one of the best $600 amps if you can find one that has not been modified to death. It does, in fact, have a warm powerful sound. I sold a Moscode 300 to a friend several years ago and he would not give it up for anything. He has used it with Quicksilver and Audio Research preamps driving electrostatic speakers.
If you're going that route,ensure you get complete disclosure from the seller regarding transformer hum.Common issue with 300's.
I have a B&K ST202 amp. Is the moscode an upgrade to my amp??
+++I have a B&K ST202 amp. Is the moscode an upgrade to my amp??+++

IMO, yes. A Moscode 600 replaced a B&K ST140 years ago. It was a step up, with some of the typical differences between tube and ss coming into play; eventhough the Moscode is essentially a ss amp (with a tube driver), and the BK was considered to be "tuby" sounding. The Moscode sound will actually be more "neutral" tonaly, but not as far as texture. The moscode will have larger, more rounded images, with more dimensionality. I found the B&K sound to be drier, but with a darker hue. This, of course, in my system. I hope those descriptions help in some way. Is it the best amp for $600 with the qualities you describe. IMO, no. A Conrad Johnson MV50 comes to mind. Or, if you can stretch the budget a little more (I hate when posters say that), for me, this is the one:

Good luck.
Going from a B&K ST140 to a Moscode 600 is more than a step up. How do you compare a wimpy 105 watt amplifier that falls apart into a 4 ohm load to a 300 watt amplifier that doubles down into a 4 ohm load?
Moscode 300 will be a huge step up from the B&K. To me the biggest differences will be improved dimensionality, tonality and detail (w/o being over analytical). Just my opinion. I have owned both the 300 & 600 Moscodes (stock & modded). Moscodes are a great value!
Rrog, I'll tell you how. Because the OP's question was about sound not specs. And while an amp's sound is affected by the load, every amp, if operated within it's comfort zone, has an intrinsic character. Now, what can you tell us about these amps' sound? Am I the only one who has owned "wimpy" 25W amps that sound infinitely better than certain 300W monsters?
Frogman, The OP's question is about the Moscode 300. However, your response was about the Moscode 600 compared to B&K ST140. There is no comparison sonically or otherwise. Please try to stay on the subject here.
Rrgo, while I really have no interest in a pissing contest, it must be pointed out (since you apparently don't know the sound of these amps), that both BK amps, as well as both Moscodes, share a very strong family resemblance; so my comments are very applicable. I will endeavor to, in the future, be more clear for the sake of those less informed.My bad. BTW, I and many others feel that the 300 is the better sounding of the two Moscodes.
One 300 is better than 4 Moscodes, unless they are the original orignals. IMO
Frogman, Actually I do know the sound of these amps since I have owned them all. Regarding the the Moscode 300 sounding better than the 600, it is common within a design for the lowered powered amp to sound better, "less is more".
Ah how things change.
I bought what had to be one of the first NYAL Moscode 300 amps many years ago.

At the time I was almost laughed at for owning such a contraption. I drove Apogee Duetta Signatures with it, which again was asking for trouble from the crowd.

All told I was quite happy with the setup, I kept it for years, long after NYAL went away. I'd sent it out to George Kaye (AKA Moscode) for updating.

I enjoyed the Moscode 300 for many years.

My only comment was that I never felt it was not particularly "tube" sounding. 'definitely part of the way there.

Ultimately I moved on to straight tube preamp, transistor power amp.
Rrog, why don't you share your thoughts on the sound of these amps, so that a meaningful contribution to this thread be made.
Frogman, I don't know what your problem is. The OP did not ask for a comparison of a B&K ST140 and a Moscode 600 nor did the OP ask for a description of the sound of those amplifiers. The OP wants to know if the Moscode 300 is one of the best $600 amplifiers and I commented early in this thread in my opinion it is.
just my 2c to add my POV, I owned a Moscode 300 for many years, driving Audiostatic 300 electrostatic speakers with ease and control. The ONLY reason I sold it was to buy a Cello Encore double mono 50W amplifier. And while the Cello is far more transparent than the Moscode, I sometimes still regret the glooming orange lights coming from inside the Moscode. But I don't regret having the Cello. ;)
Many years ago a friend of mine who also owned a small HI-Fi shop got one of the first Moscode 300's. It was the biggest piece of junk he ever owned not to mention noisy and unstable.