Is the Mo Fi Sinatra Box Ses stereo or mono

Dear all,

I know this question makes me seem dull, so I apologize in advance.

I recently purchased the mo fi Capitol Sinatra box set (silver box, numbered, etc.). I can't tell if the records are stereo or mono. I have checked the box, and the blogs, etc. and I can't figure it out. I have tried to determine by listening, but I still do not know.

Can someone out there tell me how to make this important determination?


Mono sound appears to come from a small area midway between the loudspeakers. Stereo sound can appear to come from anywhere from the left to right loudspeakers position.

Tell us about your system and how it's setup.
There were both stereo and mono copies in the box set. I
was a dealer back in the day and had the dealer literature
catalog that stated what each title was.

I am trying to find it. If I can, I'll post the info.

Actually, I am remembering that MOFI used some of the
"wrong" tapes, although not a fault of theirs, they were
sent the wrong copies. These were said to be "fake stereo
echo masters".

I'll try to dig up some more info and look at my box set to
see if I can determine what is what.
I did find this:
Thank you guys. I use verity parcifal ovations, and they are about six feet apart.