Is the MicrSeiki 1000 table still competitive ?

Going back to vinyl (again) and looking for an entry level table. I am considering a BIX, Schu or maybe a MicroSeiki 1000, could you share with me your experience here?


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Check out this site.
I have owned two DDX-1000s, one with a Grace 714 and one with a Micro Seiki arm. They are really cool but there are a lot of concerns at this point. The rubber in the feet tends to rot, and there is no direct replacement. Arm boards typically now sell for well over $100.00 each. I have also seen one where the table no longer kept proper speed, the values of resistors in the control box may have shifted. They are subject to feedback. At best, though sounding quite different, they are comparable to a Rega P3, or perhaps a P25.
Thanks for you respone guys, I let it go now.