Is the McIntosh MR67 Modded top notch?

I have a very high end system. Usually listen to vinyl only and the radio. I have a VPI HRX turtable with all the bells & whistles (super platter, rim-drive, 12.7 arm, SDS, ring) and a Lyra Titan Cartridge. A CAT amp and pre-amp (with phono). Hales Trancendence 8 speakers. Transparent Ultra XL technology cables and interconnects. And it sounds good. I use PS Audio interconnects for my tuner, I like the sonund of them and there more affordable then the Transparent. I had bought a Scott 350B. It sounded great but had a hum. So I got rid of it and bought a McIntosh MR67 completely modded by RICHARD MODAFFERI. Power Cord, Cardas Posts, capacitors, alignment, etc. I cost me $1,250. I see these tuners for less but not with the 'Mods'. The tuner is due to arrive this Monday. Any thoughts on if this was a good deal and the sonics of the tuner?
Go to and click on the tuner tab. I found this MR67 mod post for your review:

Posted by Trout Mask Replica on October 26, 2005 at 06:10:25
I have a nice Mc MR67. It was aligned by Richard M. quite a few years ago and still sounds superb. I am starting to wonder about the tubes. Most of the tubes without shields are not Mc tubes but are a mix of RCAs etc. What tubes in the MR67 are prone to failure or are being run hard? I am sure there are some that will last almost forever but probably a few that could use a change. The tubes that are in the tuner are the same ones that were in it when it was aligned so I do not want to change any that may alter that. I also am ready to dive in and change a few of the old electrolytics under the deck.....
the Mcintosh MR-71 is generally considered their best tube tuner, with the MR-67 next best. with the mods, you should have a great tuner there.
I have the MODAFFERI mod MR-77which went for about $ 500 more. I have had several top tuners including an MR-71 modded by another tech. IMHO the tubes just sound better, period. As to which model is "best", opinions differ wildly with individual application. I don't like the way the MR-78 looks, so I am cheered when others say it was sound compromised to get better sensitivity- but I suspect all of these "fan club" reports are mere bias.
As for tube life, by the time you need new tubes, you will also need a new alignment, so just relax ad enjoy.
I own both the 71 and 77; have heard the 67 and 78 at length.

In stock form, the 71 is simply the best tuner Mac made. The 78 is more sensitive but the 71 is more pure, natural, and sweet sounding. I have no experience with modded Macs.

The 67/77 can be found at lower prices than 71/78 and IMO are the best values.

My 71, built in 1963, has the original tubes. All test strong on my Hickok so don't worry about tube life. I did replace the stereo indicator bulb which is readily available from Audio Classics (great folks by the way) for a couple bucks.