Is the McIntosh MC462 a "solid?" buy still?

I've been drooling over this amp for half a year now. I typically get what I want in the end but... with the 15% price increase on all McIntosh gear hitting next year, plus the 13% tax, I'm essentially paying 50% more than you Americans because of our dogshite dollar. The worst part about it is apparently for you americans, the 462 is not being hit with the price increase. $9k USD vs $14110 for me. Kind of stupid price discrepancy. It really makes me feel like it's not worth it. But it would help with local resale value, I suppose.

With this is mind, is the Mac 462 just not worth it? I'd probably be looking at $16k all in after taxes... it'd be great to hear from owners who have compared it to other gear around the price range, and if you do think it is a bad amplifier to get, can I just know why? I've already gone to a local hifi store and heard some Mac gear on some high end stereos and I have to say it certainly does sound better than anything I've ever had.

And before I get any more braindead comments like 'but what about the kinki!!' I never intended the Kinki to be a permanent entry in my system. Like all my gear it will come and go once I have enough $ saved to upgrade.
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Buy two MC452 and biamp, either vertically or horizontally :)
I listened to both the 452 and 462 and didnt really notice a difference. I’d look for a slightly used 452. 

Come on D2 girs.

You do not need to spend more money on electronics or speakers.

What you need is comfortable and spacious listening room.

Save you money and get the good listening space.

I myself have good listening space to work with big vintage Western Electric speakers.

Now I got temptation to buy 300K$ vintage speakers.