is the McIntosh MAC 3 surr.decoder sacd compatib?

I wish to know if the McIntosh Mac 3 surround decoder is compatible with SACD and DVD audio formats, for i have one of these units and it´s been impossible to obtain sound by the multichannel way.
I had a MAC 3 years ago and traded up to a MCD4 but I don't remember if the MAC 3 had 6 analog inputs. I don't beleive it does. But your pre-amp must if you are using it. You will have to plug the SACD/DVD-A directly into the pre-amp. The mac 3 is a processor and SACD/DVD-A is already processed as analog at the output. I can't imagine that McIntosh would have has a 6 channel pass thru.
That will be a hassel to plug and unplug unless you have a pre-amp with 2 sets of 6 channel inputs, highly doubtful.
What pre-amp are you using?