Is the market changeing?

In every economic cycle there are ups and downs, (Yes, I know it is very profound statement). And so some people tighten up their spending while for others it becomes an opportunity. I certainly see that prices are not where they were a year ago. Stuff is being lowered. Is now the time to pick up that dream piece?

I think it is. I think we are going to see stuff hit the market at lower price points than in the recent past. I�m looking for a TT and also trying to decide whether to upgrade my pre or simply replace it. What would be your dream addition?
Hi, I think it is Luc the economy is rough for a lot of folks and the inflated price of gas is effecting every thing and everybody. I've noticed a decrease in items but those overpriced things like Marantz 10bs etc seem to be asking more than ever. I don't know how many sell though. It may be a good time to buy or things could even get better for purchases. I still feel audio equipment is a bargain for the enjoyment it provides, I can live without my tv but can't live without my music.A turntable is a good investment I own two and love them both, not knowing what you have in your system it's hard to say what to do, you probably know that better than anyone.
Which products are now cheaper from a year ago? A pair of Thiel 3.7's went from just under ten grand a pair to over 12 grand in a matter of months. That doesn't happen because of a lack of interest or a down market. Unless you're talking about economies of scale, such as plasma tv's, the market the way it stands now is doing quite well based on what I can tell from the latest CES.

Companies have been, and will continue, riding the highs and lows of economic cycles without having to discount inventories. People who can afford big ticket items live in a different world than the paycheck crowd. It's an election season - take all economic "news" with a grain of salt.
Traditionally prices in the summer drop due to people spending more time outside. It will be interesting to see what they do this year
I really havent seen used prices drop but what I have seen is retail prices skyrocketing. The used equipt I see almost always reflects the new higher retail not the retail when the equipt was purchased. I think most of it is due to gas prices (transportation costs) and the american dollar falling. It will be interesting.
I don't see the prices necessarily dropping, however, it does appear that things are not selling as quickly in the past, especially on higher dollar gear. It's a buyers market IMHO.
Ok, it doesn't require advice from Allan Greenspan/ or his replacement/ to understand things. We,'philes make up such a small % of the population---and we're not talking staples like house/home/transportation/food and the like.
We now have so many rich and so many poor and those in the middle are more vulnerable, for sure.
I have what was a hard to find amp a year or two, ago. I paid 3650 and now they go for 2200.---Is that what you mean??
Maybe more stuff will come on the used market cheaper, but new prices will soar. It is already happening. What will that do? I think firm up true high end die-hards and help eliminate the mid-fi filler stuff. It might in the end be a good thing, in a sense.
My dream piece/dream deal (while still abiding in reality): an Art Audio amp for under $2500. OK, maybe that's not too realistic, but I'm still holding out!
Tax time and family summer vacations probably have as much impact as the "slowdown" has on audio. With the dollar being so weak, imported brands will probably hold or gain value on the used market. US products will begin to become more of a "bargain" than they have in the past.
I heard an article yesterday on the AM show and they were talking about how Chinese workers were demanding higher wages, more rights and developing unions such as in the states. The show was interesting in the way they conveyed the fact depsite the communist society, that the workers who build for many US outsourced products are now able to control the market for Chinese made goods. Those inexspensive made in China furniture or electronics (Prima Luna) will go up in price sometime in 2009 because of the shift in the manufacturing costs in China. The show mentioned now many companies are looking for another "China" to outsource too, but the closest would be India at this time. I know for a fact that some high end German manufacturers are already looking at India because it is dirt cheap their.

If the Prima Luna is a bargain right now and some other Chinese made electronics, what will become of them next year? I heard others mention that soon the Chinese made goods will go up in price and the markets will just become expensive all over. We know that most competing US made electronic products are expensive and that the majority of electronics come from Japan or China, so those cheap receivers or radios in Best Buy may go up in price as well. Add the fact that the costs of copper and silver are going up and everything will have a ripple effect associated with these things happening. Hmm.