Is the marantz SR7007 a good receiver?

Number of Channels 7.2 Channels
Audyssey Audyssey MultEQXT, DSX, Dynamic EQ, Dynamic Volume
DTS DTS HD Master Audio, HD High Resolution, ES Discrete/Matrix, Neo:6, 96/24
Dolby Dolby TrueHD, Digital, Digital Plus, Pro Logic IIz, EX
Current Feedback Topology Preamplifier Stage
Discrete Amplification Yes
Power Transformer EI Core
D/A Conversion 192kHz/24-Bit
Digital Signal Processing Analog Devices ADSP21487
Video Off (Pure Direct) Yes
Source Direct Yes
Chassis Full Size
Variable X-over Yes
Video Up-conversion Yes (Analog Composite/Component Video to HDMI)
Auto Calibration by MIC Audyssey MultEQXT (upgradeable to Pro by Installer)
Satellite Radio Ready -
AM/FM tuner FM Tuner Only
Bass Management Yes
Lip-sync (digital audio delay) Yes
Software Upgradable Yes (via Internet)
I have to say that I am hard pressed to remember any thing named Marantz that I didn't like. I use a Pioneer Elite SC-61 in my office and the spec sheets are almost identical, as far as what you listed anyway. I'm positive the Marantz has better technical specs than my Pioneer, you know THD, SN Ratio and so on. So if I had to chose I would pick the Marantz but I would also have spent a lot more than I did (less than $800 brand new online).... I hope I helped you out at least a little bit, these things are tricky so ultimately you'll have to decide for yourself.

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Oj, just keep in mind an important fact about Marantz AVRs. While you can't go wrong with a Marantz product and I've had a number of Marantz u irs (still have two players), don't be fooled by their power/ch rating. If you look closely at this model for example, it states 125/w/ch 20hz-20khz but that's rated at TWO channels driven not all channels driven. I wish Marantz would stop doing that. Rotel and NAD do NOT follow this practice. They rate their power ALL CHANNELS DRIVEN which is a far more honest specification. I was told by Marantz a few years ago that the power rating for all channels driven is about 70% of the two channel spec. So just something to be aware.
OJ. Your question, the way it's phrased, can't really be answered well. "Good" means different things to different people. If I could rephrase your question, I would ask, good for...what? Home theater in a living room 12'x6'? Stereo listening? Used to decode digital sources for music and movies? Good for driving x model speaker system?

For me personally I'd love to offer some comments but unless I know more about your goals and objectives it will be hard to give you the right advice. From a high level, yes Marantz is a solid name and brand; yes it has room correction but not the latest version of Audyssey if your specs are correct (so are there significant room acoustic problems?); yes Marantz normally has a good amplification section but you probably don't want to drive speakers rated at less than 4 ohms with the unit.

Bottom line, this is certainly what would be considered a near top of the line receiver. It has lots of great specs and connectivity and has the latest IP control and AirPlay (nice if you have an iphone or iPad or Mac or iTunes).

So if you are looking for a high end receiver and this has the specs you need **to achieve the goals you are trying to accomplish** then it's likely a great fit for you.
I am building a home theater system, movies, and music. Looking to get the JL audio f110, and PSB T2 speakers. Room size 12x24 feet.
Oj, the Marantz SR7007 is a fine top of the line AVR. It should be a great pick with the PSB T-2's that are average in sensitivity and impedence. But like most mainstream AVR's, has its limitations in power output as some have pointed out. So a lot depends on simply how loud and for how long you want to listen. Avoid ear bleeding levels at reference for prolonged periods and you will have no problems. If this is what you want, the Marantz has a full set of Pre-Outs so you can add an amp later down the road. You'll be ready. Also you posted the below...

"02-21-13: Oj
thank you its a hard decision to make. Any input helps."

What is the hard decision you have to make? Are you thinking about another AVR vs. the Marantz 7007? If so, which one and I am sure you'll get comments on how well it will match up with the PSB's. You have a decent sized room and have selected speakers and a sub that should be the foundation of a great home theater system. Based on what you provided, again the Marantz should be a great pick. If there are any other concerns, please be more specific. Good luck.
In your specific scenario, I think you'll be very happy assuming you have heard the receiver and like how it sounds. Marantz makes great home theater gear.
I think that it is it for now. I do plan on separating, with amp, processors and that later on when more money is available.