Is the Marantz SA14v.2 a good player

Please help someone. I am thinking of purchasing one.

Thank You.
Actually I purchased it and wanted some other opinions on it. Thank You.
It is an outstanding redbook and SACD player.If you purchased it new, it will get better and better as it wears in.I particularly love the redbook performance of mine.All the detail is there, while remaining smooth and natural sounding.
I heard one at a dealer and thought it sounded fantanstic. These players are often accused of having "that Marantz sound". I thought it was very smooth, detailed, and relaxing. A no-fatigue player to be sure.

Thank You very much for reassureing me that a made a good decision. Thank You.
I've owned the SA-14 v2 for 2 years. Overall, it's a musical, detailed player which presents good soundstage and imagining. Did a comparison with a Meridien 508 last year for a week, the Meridien was marginally more detailed but less dynamic.
I've just sent my player for modification; upgrading to FRED ultrafast soft-recovery diodes, internal rewiring with better cables and using Black Gate caps for power supply filtering and analog sections. Hopefully, this mod will bring about significant improvements.