Is the magic in shindo or verity?

I was totally blown away by an inexpensive system. After hearing magico minis II with solution tube amps and zanden cd player, I went to hear the verity fidelio driven by all shindo. Shindo amp -75 watt, preamp the one above monribson. Of course vinyl was the source, a gerrard based shindo rebuild turntable .
The sound was remarkably life-like.
What was the key player that made this sound so much better than most other systems I have heard? I know synergy is the key, but does the shindo make everything sound good or do these verity's always sound good? It actually made me forget mbl's.

It sounds like you heard one expensive and probably poorly setup system vs one properly dialed one.

Many large stores put together systems based on price rather than synergistic matching of components.

Is Shindo better than Solution perhaps, I have heard the Magico and boy they sound good but hardly worth $30k for a two way! So just remember a well setup system will outperform and expensive mess.
I agree with $ vs poor set-up, but I do think the Verity's have a remarkable sound. At CES, the Artimis/Schroeder/Verity room came alive!!! It was one of the best rooms at THE Show, let alone the whole CES hi-fi floors. Once again, it was set-up properly and you can tell...other rooms that had the Verity's didn't come alive as much if at all. It's very hard to find a dealer that listens with their ears and not the eyes and of luck!

Source is KING. Your comparing two systems one was CD sourced the other was sourced by one of the best tables in the world. The energy or "life" as you mention is what the Garrard 301 brings to the table, IMO. Your hearing a table that will hold proper speed.

The first time you hear a Garrard it is an ear opening experience, it is hard to love a belt driven table again.
Even one as creative as yours ; 0 )

Go back to that same place and hook the Garrard up to the Magico set up, I expect you will be again dazzled.

The Shindo, Verity, Magcio and Zanden are great stuff, but
the Garrard is very very special.
Um I wouldn't exactly call the second system "inexpensive" either. It sounds like great, musical gear well selected and well setup.
short answer..the verity. whats not great in merlinville?
I don't want to sound biased, but my system resembled what I heard in the show room, if only I had a bigger room!
I am not making any changes any time soon, but I was wondering if the shindo would blend well in my system?
I don't want to even think about the gerrard, but now I may start wondering. Thanks for the informative responses
What about that shindo stand alone phono stage????? Where is it?
The Shindo stand alone phonostage is a custom product that can be ordered. It does not appear on the standard list of products. All of Shindo's stuff is already pseduo-custom and there are a lot of special products that Shindo can make if you ask.

The stand alone is a custom unit so it does not have a separate name. It is currently being built into the Auriges chassis. The unit can be ordered with lots of options. The one I heard had two different EQ curves for 78's as well as the standard RIAA curve.

I heard the unit in comparison to the Shindo Massetto, the one I believe you listened to. I give a slight edge to the stand alone unit over the one in the Massetto whereas I prefer the phono in my Vosne-Romannee. The differences were pretty subtle. All three units have that Shindo sound.

The Garrads are wonderful tables. Bear in mind that the full Shindo 301 table is heavily modified from a stock Garrard. The entire bearing assembly, spindle shaft, and platter are replaced.

I find that the Shindo gear integrates into many systems. It may not work in every case but it usually does. The place to start if you want to go this route is with the preamp. There is a special synergy in an all-Shindo system. I started out two years ago with a Shindo preamp and have since replaced everything top to bottom with an all-Shindo system sans speakers. I'm contemplating a custom Shindo speaker built around an Altec 604 to complete my system.
The Verity speakers are very nice, but I have to agree that the huge differences between the two rigs is probably mostly due to the Garrad/Shindo analog setup vs. the Zanden digital. Tough to compare and draw very meaningful conclusions. Cheers,
RChau I recently bought an Aurieges L. Would I be able to order a Shindo phono-stage for it, or am I over simplifying? You're right about the Shindo magic, its intoxicating, I'm now looking for an amp to match with it and hope to assemble an all Shindo system one of these years.

You can order a stand alone Shindo phonostage to go with the Auriges-L. However, the stand alone phonostage is in the neighborhood of $6K-7K. It would probably make more sense to trade the Auriges-L in for the two-box Auriges with MM phono or one of the higher models like a Monbrison.

I alo started out with an Auriges-L. I spent one week with it and had to go on travel. As soon as I returned, I ordered the Cortese. It has been downhill ever since.
If the Verity Fidelio can be brought to superb levels of performance with Shindo amps or any other amp, then we still listen to Verity Fidelio.
you could say it is 'nor fair' to partner say 6000$ loudspeakers to an 35000$ amplifier set-up and get unbelievable results.
but it only proofs at what the Fidelio is capable of.
it's all in the match.

Best system I ever heard had Shindo power amps and a Shindo pre amp. My next upgrade will be those. I'm relatively happy with what I have but the Shindo's are on my list.

I didn't really know what "palpable" meant til I heard them.

Cerrot, just curious as to what model Shindo gear you heard to make you go "Wow!".
It was the Shindo Monbrison Preamp and the Shindo Cortese Power Amp. Source was an Accuphase CD player and Speakers were the Living Voice Avatar IBX speakers. It was at "In Living Stereo" in NYC. Never asked what cables or power conditioner being used were. The transparency absolutely blew me away. Soundstage and detail were excellent but it was the transparency that did it. I just heard, no, felt, the music portrayed in front of me. I have spent hours at "The Show" listening to many systems and my dealer has some great set ups (B&W 800D, Classe amps, CD & preamp in one system I auditioned; Ayre mono amps, preamp and CD player into Dynaudio Saphires in another), plus my own system (Esoteric X03SE, Innersound amps, preamp, Electrostatics) but it is the experience from that Shindo system gave me that I need to experience in my home home one day, before I pack it all in.

I'm thinking of 5 years with what I have, and then Shindo here I go.
The Verity. They are just magical.
Easy answer: The Shindo...

Rchau: Shindo pre to condolences.