is the mac c22 preamp as good as modern preamps?

i have a mac mc252 amp and virgo 3s...i also have a conrad johnson ss preamp i am currently not using..
I have never owned a C22 but I did own a C26 and I have to say that I heard a marked improvement when I upgraded to mid 90's technology and I am not talking top end technology just a well reviewed mid priced Acurus RL-11.
Yes, Having owned several original Mac C-22's, including a Marantz 7c, ARC, Conrad Johnson(PV10 & PV14LSII) and a Counterpoint Tube preamp, I feel qualified to comment. As long as the tubes have been replaced and/or checked out, and a qualified Tech has had a change to go thru the piece, in most cases they can sound at least as good or far better then modern pre's. In the case of the Mac/Marantz Tube pre's, they provide a very warm, dynamic sound stage, that's difficult to find today. Remember, matching of your amp/pre makes a big difference. I like the warmth/depth of a good tube Preamp with the Punch of a quality SS Amp. The newer pieces offer up improved(quieter) volume controls, Remote, and balanced in/outs. Try A/B-ing them yourself to find out for sure-
the mc22's legend is based in fact. it still sounds incredible.