Is the Lyra Klios out in the states yet.

And if so, has anyone heard or got one yet?
I've used the new Lyra Kleos for about 2 months now, and it is quite wonderful: very musical, with a good balance between detail and warmth. I've had Helikon, and Titan, and I do believe this to be superior to both (and at a very fair price). It is also dead quiet in my system. I know that Kleos is part of the newest generation of Lyras, and from my perspective it's a definite move forward. I'd be quite interested in other people's perspectives.
I too have had mine about 2 months, they are slow in coming. I had to wait about a month. I had a Delos and the dealer allowed me a 30 day trade up period and I am so glad I did. He tells me he has a waiting list, so I am glad I got in when I did. Jsaah, I am suprised that you feel it is better than the Titan because I really considered a Skala instead. That makes me feel even better about the Kleos. What table are you using?
But back to the Kleos answer, it is a wonderful cartridge and it has the Lyra detail without an analytical sterility found in some carts. The musical presentation is so revealing of the emotion in the music. I seldom turn on my CDP anymore.If your considering one get on a waiting list, if you change your mind the dealer will have back sales to take it off your hands.
Theo, I have my Kleos mounted on a Graham Phantom II. My turntable is an Immedia RPM2 which I've had for years. I'm tracking at 1.7 grams after a bit of experimentation. The TItan is a fine cartridge for sure, but to my ear, the Kleos is quieter and less analytical. I'm an acoustic bass player, and the Kleos presents a wonderfully clear, full bass with tons of harmonics. Glad you're enjoying yours!
Thanks for that, I don't think they are in the UK till next year.
When I had an Argo I, I had a listen to the Delos & thought it very good, in the end I went for a Skala, which is very very good. However I feel the Delos wasn't that far behind & given that the Klios will be close in price to the Skala, may well better it by quite some Margin.

A Big Kleos Picture

anyone here had a chance to listen side by side Kleos and Delos ? appreciate some inputs. I feel the Delos is already very good but you know how we are when it comes to upgrades.
I did at the dealer when I placed the order to upgrade, and there is a significant difference. The Kleos offers everything the Delos does but to greater degree. More information, detail, sound feild, musicality. And less surface noise, the Kleos is much quieter. After having both in my home on my table, I feel the Kleos is in a class of it's own. However let me add that the Delos is a wonderful cartridge and in my opinion is way under priced for its performance level. I replaced a Linn Troika and the Delos brought the music out into the room with a intricate clearity I had not extracted from my vinyl in the past. I did have the Delos on my table for about 60days as I ordered the Kleos about 30 days in and it took 30 days to arrive. Either cart is superior in their price range to (in my opinion)all comers.
Thank you Theo... something to consider in the near future.
Fremer had a good review this month, I just got my issue today. Mikey likes it! for what thats worth