Is the Kab Speedstrobe necessary with the VPI SDS?

Is it necessary (in order to accurately pinpoint the exact 33 and 1/3 platter speed) to purchase something like a KAB SPEEDSTROBE after buying the VPI SDS?
I have the VPI SDS hooked up to my Aries table and used the KAB Speedstrobe to accurately set the SDS to 331/3 and 45. The SDS can be set in very small increments to accurately obtain both speeds.
No, but it sures makes the job easier and repeatable. The KAB is the best accessory I've ever bought.
I'll second that Narrod. Although $80.00 for a 10 inch plastic disc and a cheap box with a strobe light seemed pretty hard to swallow at first sight, now that I've got it I don't know how I ever lived without it.

Piece of mind. That's what it is. Piece of mind.
You still have to calibrate the SDS. Same with Walker Audio's motor controller. As indicated above, it's for that calibration step that you use the KAB disc and strobe. Then it's simply a question of how long the motor controller will retain that calibration before drifting.
If you live outside of the USA where you have 50hz, the VPI supplied strobe is USELESS. No mention of that in the manual thou.
The KAB and strobe is very easy to use.
I agree Shane. Its got me beat why Harry doesn't supply a strobe disc that includes 50Hz markings - at least for export to England/Australia etc. The strobe disc that came with my SDS is the same one supplied 14yrs previously with my TNT - totally useless with 50hz mains.
The KAB strobe is brilliant. Maybe Harry should offer it as an option?
Strobe??...Was there supposed to be one in the SDS box?..Mine just contained the strobe disc and the SDS.Has to buy one later...
I use a stopwatch. Probably not as accurate but close enough for me.
Ok, now you guys have me wondering. I just ordered my SDS from my dealer over the holidays and he made no mention of needing a seperate strobe or disc saying "it comes with all you need".

Is one included with the SDS thats "ok" to use? Does the KAB just make things more exact and easier to set up?
Just curious, How much are you off without using SDS?
the strobe disc that comes with the SDS works great, you just have to supply your own flourescent light.
I use my KAB for my Oracle and it's easy as all get out and like the man said peace of mind. I couldn't listen to some solo or duo instrument recordings with out knowing it is dead on. And don't even get me started with chamber Music. I calibrate every six months but most times my Oracle is dead on so it's just a formality.
Paul. When I enquired with VPI that I could not get my VPI strobe disc to work, they casually stated that it won't work on 50hz and to buy the KAB disc and strobe.

I guess that is an option or sorts :)
I went ahead and ordered the Kab Speedstrobe even though I had the strobe disc that was supplied with the SDS. Before the KAB arrived I thought I had my Scoutmaster platter speed set exactly at 33 and 1/3 but the KAB showed that the speed was fast by .07 on the SDS. So I'm glad I ordered the KAB, it's make's speed adjustment more accurate, plus easier and faster to dial in than the strobe disc that came equipped with the SDS.
I think you just answered your question Lornoah. LOL